Digihell revisited

As if there weren't enough problems with our wireless provider Digicel, and I already wonder how they managed to steal part of T-Mobile's "Get More®" tagline (Catherine Zeta-Jones, we love you!), but I get my monthly statements from them, and for some reason, their envelopes are sealed upside down or something. It's very strange. I'm being kind. It's silly.

Some people complain about poor service, inability to roam or complete SMS messaging, or waiting in line for customer support. I complain about the seemingly trivial stuff (although when it comes to trademark law, maybe it's possible someone could be sued?)

Much going on in the world. For example, talking about the situation in Israel and Lebanon would take forever... so much chaos and tension. What hurts though is seeing on the news people carrying off the bodies of children. Nothing's worth that.

While Floyd Landis prepares to possibly get his Tour de France title stripped from him, I saw that one of track and field's biggest potential rivalries and drawing cards could be in jeopardy as American Justin Gatlin tested positive for doping. Anticipation for a showdown between him and Asafa Powell is going to be severly diminished, if not stumble entirely.

Matter of fact, both cycling and track and field have just taken serious body blows in their efforts to maintain credibility and worldwide interest.

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