New alternative to Bernews?

Just heard about a new local news site, Today in Bermuda. Apparently the brainchild of popular personality Carla Zuill, we now have another online site providing news and press releases.

What I gather from this launch is that perhaps, there is still potential for growth in an industry once seen as diminishing with the demise of the Bermuda Sun, although this venture looks moreso a challenge to the likes of Bernews and Politica than the traditional print media.

Wishing them well.


Another ho hum day in Bermuda politics

Round 1 began not too long ago. With little to no confidence in the politicians even pretending to get along a tiny bit, we knew things were going to get silly. Just a matter of what event(s) would trigger it.


Bermuda Blue

Aside from the partisan cheerleaders, nobody can be thrilled with how things are going among the country's leadership.