Lazy email scam

I think the scammers are getting lazier these days. Content from one email received this morning:

"You Have Won £1,000,000 (Open The Attachment)"

with a nice 291K Word doc that they want me to open.

Of course, there are a bunch of people out there who still feel that easy money awaits them from random emails, so heck. Carry on.


Bermudians Against the Draft - losing their way

Reason #14 why the group Bermudians Against the Draft are losing their way despite me being in agreement that the current policy of recruitment into the Regiment is wrong:

"BAD plan an election boycott"

Right off the bat, the lead paragraph indicates the campaign is targeting young black men to not vote. What the hell? If their cause is so just, why just 'young black men'?

Second paragraph: they appear to say that since neither of the two big political parties appear to support their cause, they want to demonstrate by abstaining from the polls. What the hell? When you have options of backing a third party or set of independent candidates? Hell, declare that you're spoiling ballots en masse or trying a write-in candidate instead is a far better move.

It's the easiest, and weakest, option by far. Mind you, it may all come to nothing since this group has pigeon-holed itself into the whole "serving is slavery" singular objection instead of the more encompassing (and probably more appealing to outsiders) attributes such as random lottery, gender discrimination, military not needed, etc.

This group has marginalized itself, contrary to their belief that it's the political parties that have done so.