Go figure

Friday late-night, I'm having trouble with the stylesheets - I had tried to fix them so that Firefox would display them correctly and suddenly the display is screwed up in both Firefox AND Internet Explorer. Not easy. Anyway I manage to get something going that will be somewhat presentable if viewed in both browsers (by putting some of the styles internally among other things) and I'm about to blog this success and then Blogger itself flips out and I lose my four paragraphs of stuff. Lesson learned: type your stuff in NOTEPAD first, then copy-and-paste into whatever application you're using. Sheesh.

Anyway I'm happy that I'll be able to launch publically this site by the first of the month, just in time for the U.S. presidential elections. Whoopee. Heh. I hope to eventually get the Beachlime message forum up but it's giving too much trouble at this present time. But stay tuned. I must say that overall though, I'm pretty pleased at what I've been able to throw in here - take that, Kieran... heh. There will be Dorothy's burgers served by the trayload, that's for sure.


Back to careless drivers, momentarily

Green hatchback (with cool England flag on rear), 10271. Feel free to use your indicator signal,... anytime...

Because it was Monday and things come in threes, I also witnessed a grey car and a motorcycle also fail to use an indicator before making a turn.

These roads are too narrow to be driving carelessly and we're going to see even more problems (I don't want to use the word accident as it implies that nobody is at fault) on Bermuda's roads until there's a serious crackdown on these offences.

I was reading the news about the Police actually enforcing a crackdown but was taken aback when one of the spokespersons for the Police talked about riding with a cellphone propped inside your helmet as if it was no problem. Shoot, if I was head of the Police, that would be one of the first things that I would ban. Again, I wonder if they're allowing it because Government ministers would be the first people to get booked. Woy.



I'm reading The Royal Gazette and see this story about this driver who a few years ago, knocked down this girl. The result was that he got a $450.00 fine. That's it.

That's it?

No suspended license, no rehab, community service, licence demerits or anything like that... just a small fine which goes into the court system and does absolutely zero for the victim or their family?

Absolutely pathetic. Apparently he was charged with driving without due care.

Seriously. Due care is not running through a yellow light. Not avoiding knocking down another human being. Maybe they'll look into adjusting the laws if one of the higher-ups or their children gets run over by something.


Blog on Beachlime

I think I've done it. With a lot of reading and tinkering, I've been able to template-up the blog and port it to the new website. It appears to work so far, but there seem to be a few bugs still about that I've overlooked. I'll be working on this for the remainder of this week.

With the blog and Photo Shack now up, it will soon be time to retire my old Northrock webspace. It was nice while it lasted, I suppose, 5MB wasn't going to keep me in the game forever and I had to move on, although not until I felt I could actually handle running a larger site with more features.

On the new site, I plan to have the new Fiction Corner (like the Poetry Corner), a message board (the site seems to provide this easily enough) and more and more of my products. Oh yeah.The old DAG Theory will be archived somewhere here as well. Attleeboy would fire me if I neglected that, heh.


it's a webgasmic!

Well other than the vehicular traffic in bermuda trying to kill DAG. i must say that beachlime is really growing. gibbo.beachlime seems to be a test bed for all that DAG is working on. I like what i'm seeing and i guess when he gets the bugs out :P

well i like blogger, it workes well for our personal sites and we can fix the templates for whatever extras we want.

Good work DAG. u are now the PHP/mySQL King :) just don't get killed on the roads


Some people need to be made permanent pedestrians

Website update: progressing at an okay pace. I don't have a launch date as yet, but I'm pretty optimistic about what I'll be able to provide. Stay tuned. Drop an email (tryangle@northrock.bm) with questions or suggestions.

Meanwhile, I'm getting more and more convinced that we need to take at least five thousand drivers off Bermuda's roads. This morning I'm riding behind this white car that itself was behind a motorist (bike) in a small line of traffic. On several occasions the driver inched across the line, and was tailing the bike ahead so much that the driver was forced to their left, dreading the inevitable overtake of doom. Let me say that in front of the bike was a dump truck and there was no where for the bike to go.

We approach a roundabout. The bike takes the left lane and is 'clear'. The car decides to take both lanes (!), then eventually follow the bike in the left lane, finally deciding to turn the left indicator on - although ordinarily the left indicator would be used to indicate a left turn, not a straight turn - but that's another discussion, as it's already heading straight. I follow, that being my normal route to work.

Eventually the car driver decides she's had enough and squeezes past the bike rider, who's now pressed against the curb. She successfully passes the rider, and to me it doesn't appear that the rider is too pleased. Oddly enough, neither are the driver and her passenger.

As fate would have it, the driver then gets caught behind another driver who's stopped to make a right turn. The biker was clear to overtake on the left-side, and I gladly followed.

Car licence number 37662, you've been booked. And I'll be back for more...