The Bermuda Sun - farewell

It's extremely unfortunate that the Bermuda Sun newspaper is shutting down. My hearts go out to the staff there, from the editorial staff to the support folks to those at the printing presses and everyone in between.

They more than represented a key role in journalism in Bermuda but were often seen as a family paper, perhaps due to their community-focused sections and looks into items of interest not usually the focus of the daily, such as local sports, or faith-based articles.

With the economy in Bermuda still struggling, the prospect of future layoffs, redundancies and shutdowns in various areas remains a reality. I hope the fine staff are able to find new opportunities as soon as possible.

For me, I'm grateful to an organisation who not only provided a great outlet for news stories, but even allowed an inexperienced writer to contribute over a short period. You've been outstanding, Bermuda Sun.


I'm an unpaid blogger

To set the record straight...

I've been blogging on BeachLime for nearly 10 years, and have had a web journal of sorts for even longer.

I have not yet been paid by any political party, lobbyist, business local or foreign, spambot or Nigerian prince at any time.

If any of the above (except the prince) wish to now do so, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and continued support.


The OBA and grassroot campaigns

Well, well.

Personally, I don't see how you can label a campaign as grassroots, if you're getting up to $350K from an overseas contributor (and who knows what else has been donated by other wealthy individuals or companies), but that's beside the point.

Interestingly enough, they've also admitted to having paid online commentators (why didn't they approach me, I could have used the cash, heh). That blows a huge hole in the arguments online that the PLP spearheaded the paid commentator movement (which has not to this day been proven in any sense).

Combine this with the chairman of the OBA resigning, and you now have a political party that will be further scrutinized by anybody that's not a (paid?) pure OBA supporter.


Casino gambling in Bermuda... zzz

The Min.Trans/Min.Tourism is already preparing Bermudians for a long wait to get the OBA's casino legislation in place.

As Jonathan Starling pointed out via twitter, we could have had a referendum on this, "ever since"!

I kind of wonder when the OBA started working on drafting the legislation. Was it the same time that they reneged on having the referendum and letting the people decide for themselves? Or was it earlier, when the strategy for killing the referendum was first mooted behind the scenes?

We'll likely never know, and meanwhile legal folks and consultants will earn good dollars for who knows how long.


Distrusting the Governor

So the hullabaloo that started when the Governor rejected a Parliament-approved request to open a Commission of Inquiry, turned into the Opposition walking out of the House, then a march on Government House, and finally into a request to dissolve Parliament and call for a fresh general election.

Talk about your political stunts.

Behind this call, which surely will be rejected (if not ignored outright), is a belief that there's some form of collusion taking place between the ruling political party and the current Governor.

Here's the thing. Without even a smidgen of evidence, this call is little more than scaremongering by the Opposition.

And somehow, the Opposition likely know this. There is an end-game in mind, but right now nobody not in the inner circle knows for certain what's going to happen next. That could be a cause for concern among the average politically-unaffiliated Bermudian resident.


Irritating moments: Grind My Gears Edition

Strange and stupid day, I think. First thing, I read two RG articles about gay marriage issues in Bermuda, and I hit the Comments section. Hoo boy. You already know what happens next.
Founding fathers of this tiny archipelago realized centuries ago to survive here you would need the protection and resources of God Almighty. Therefore the laws written were based on Biblical principles... ...Bermuda has been both blessed and protected. It has enjoyed prosperity, protection from natural disasters, and not having to explain to your children why 2 men are openly kissing in public. Or, worry about your children in school, because someone of the same sex can proposition them. These things are real. I'm not talking about Sodom and Gomorrah, I'm talking about your neighbors... ...You have been spared! Remember the story of the greatest tsunami ever written when God parted the Red Sea. It only takes one large wave to wipe this tiny archipelago out. God bless Bermuda!
A sad day indeed! Bermuda be cautious take your time on passing laws that 2yrs down the road may come back to bite you in the rear. You have been blessed and protected by God. Yes God! Do not be over hasty about any decisions that involve the well being and prosperity of this country, or the well being of those most vulnerable who live here. Bermuda you are being tested and tried right now. Pass the test! God bless Bermuda, and give wisdom to those who pass the laws in this territory.
That's right, we have one of those folks who equate God's blessings to protection from natural disasters and the like. It's the same stupid arguments used to validate the Hurricane Katrina tragedy by claiming New Orleans deserved it. We have too many wannabe prophets around the place, that much is a known fact. 

Second stupid thing. There's a big discussion about the Tucker's Town land grab of several decades ago. Then I see *this* gem in the comments.
...(You could even apply this theory to African-Bermudians in general - nowadays we condemn slavery unequivocally as we should. But are current-day Africans - undoubtedly related to living Bermudians - as well-off as the average Bermudian? There was a huge injustice in the past but it has certainly turned out very well for at least a few African-Bermudians.)
What the devil? Seeing such patronizing and border-line racist comments that imply that the descendants of black slaves ought to be grateful for what their ancestors suffered through? Just goes to show that you get twisted-minded people without an ounce of empathy, everywhere in the world.

The third thing wasn't anything I read, just something I experienced, which just added fuel to the proverbial bitchy fire I was surrounded by this morning. Went outside to get a snack, two young women approached. Instinctively, I held the door open. Women walked right through without even an acknowledgement.

I am not a freaking doorman.

Sure, I'm taking it personally. But the problem is that now I'm going to carry negative energy throughout the day from that gesture, only because people are too wrapped up in their lives to acknowledge each other. We're all in our bubbles and then wonder why some people lash out - because nobody can be bothered to give them a smile or encouragement or a helping hand. Politeness, good manners, attributes that used to be passed down from parent to child, have little value in today's society.

Okay, ramble over. Tomorrow will be better, right?


The 'I've been robbed, need cash fast' scam

This scam deals with someone pretending to be someone in your contacts list, trying to get you to wire them money... urgently.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but I'm in a terrible situation. I came down here to Manila,Philippines for a program, last night on my way back to my hotel room I was robbed at gunpoint, my wallet and other valuables were stolen off me, leaving my passport and life safe. My luggage is still in custody of the hotel management pending when I make payment on outstanding bills I owe. I contacted my bank (E-mail) for a wire transfer but it has proven almost Impossible to operate my account from here as they made me understand international transactions take 7 working days to be effective which i can't wait. I need you to help me with a loan to pay my hotel bills and get my self home. I will reimburse you soon as I get back Home. I will appreciate whatever you can assist me with. Let me know if you can be of help. All hopes on you.
Warm Regards,
Because the name and even the sender's email address appear legit, you're less likely to delete it than your standard 419 "send me money and you'll be better off" kind of scams.

However, it's still a full out scam. The first clue is that you're never addressed by name. Also, because there's an empty 'recipient' field, you should think that this was mass-mailed to a bunch of people. I know if *I* was robbed and desperate, I'd try to contact people individually and address them by name, and that's without even getting into the body of the email which is of the standard "no time to explain, just send money quick" variety.

Similar scams have been detailed here, here and here, and some of the advice relayed in those links should apply here.

Don't respond to the email (the scammers will likely then harvest your email address for future attacks or attempted phishing) if possible. If you can, contact the person whose email is being used, to inform them of the situation (by phone if you can, or an alternative email address). Perform your usual anti-virus and anti-malware checks to try to ensure you're not compromised yourself.