Hand out the tickets!

According to this notice for the Traffic Offences Procedure Act, failing to stop or allow free passage at a pedestrian crossing is not only an offence, but subject to a fine of $70.

This law may be outdated, but I for one would love dearly to see this enforced vigorously for a few weeks. After all, they're already enforcing extremely more archaic laws to fatten up their purses.

Seriously, though. $70! I need to put that on a T-shirt or something and wander around near that police station.


Just imagine if that was enforced...


Me, the cynic

It's a very sad state that when I read this Royal Gazette article on another road fatality, the first thing that came out of my head wasn't "what a tragedy" or "I hope nobody else got hurt", but "lemme guess, the dumbass did something he shouldn't have done".

I've gotten too snarky for my own good and sometimes it's depressing...


Am I a Closet Optimist

When I was in college I think I tended to show an outward uplifting outlook on things. I was friendly to people most times, cheerful and fun-loving. But below the surface I had all kinds of feelings of self-doubt. I was, and still am, a people-pleaser through and through and perhaps to my own detriment went overboard in attempting to please everyone. Combined with my own self-doubt when it came to forging relationships, it's no wonder that for much of my teen-life I spent in solitude in my bedroom reading or fiddling with fictional stuff.

As an adult, I've allowed my daydreams to get the better of me at times. Especially when it came to women. I would look at a woman I was intereset in and rationalize within myself that it would be a perfect match because we'd both like sports or kids or something. Then I'd either get my hopes dashed or be too chicken to give it a try.

My current romantic situation has been a roller-coaster emotionally. I would get my hopes up that things can be smooth sailing, get confounded by a particular situation, try to build things again, get optimistic again and then get pulled back into feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. Problem is that I have now become the opposite of what I used to be; I'm now a closet optimist who's regularly getting smashed up whenever the positive feelings are at a peak. I think I'm way too sensitive to emotional things and even though I promised myself I would not allow myself to get bashed around psychologically, it's proven yet again to be another task easier said than done.

I'm not going to say that I have made the wrong decisions because I think that I have done the right thing overall, although belatedly. But things are definitely taking a mental toll.


Immune system is shot

I think that I have gotten sick every month since November. While what I'm currently going through (sore throat followed by sinus issues and now painful coughs) isn't as bad as December's illness, it's extremely frustrating. I think my white blood cells have gone on strike or something, because it seems that my immune system is completely shot.

When you're sick, everything takes extra effort to achieve. Plus, when it interferes with your sleep, you're groggy and more likely to forget or neglect things. It's been a major struggle the past week.

Next autumn, I will definitely be taking flu shots and whatever else they're offering. Screw the old He-Man mentality when it comes to dealing with illness.


March is here

March is when you start to notice the days getting longer and feel that springtime is around the corner somewhere.

It's also the time every year without fail that misery and despair come and bump into me. I can sense their presence and I don't know if even now I have the fortitude and will to overcome when it happens.

Yes, it's all Jenn's fault. Heh.