Indonesian earthquake

On Saturday, 27 May an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck an area on the island of Java in the country of Indonesia. Many thousands of people were injured and estimates of at least 5,200 dead. It's just heart-wrenching. Of course the country had to deal with the earthquake and tsunami in December 2004 and I really can't imagine what life is like for those living there at this time. Hopefully aid will get through to those who need it quickly. I hope to be able to contribute a donation to our local Red Cross and encourage anyone reading this to join in the efforts if able and willing to.


Weaving maniacs, again

I have to Book the rider of BH685 for overtaking on corner going downhill, and weaving between a car and an oncoming bus. I think that if I was the driver of that bus, I'd be tempted not to slow down at all and see if that maniac would enjoy a couple months in traction. Anyway.


Love and Lust

I think in the end, it all just gets frustrating. Met up with someone I used to date and had strong feelings for. And during the course of our interaction what came across my mind was a desire to spend just one night with her. To what end? Not to re-establish something? Maybe just get a release of something in a mutually beneficial experience?

Be honest with yourself and those who you're close with, I have to adopt as my motto. Because pent-up feelings won't do anybody any good.


Irrelevant sports

I realize that in this hemisphere, track and field is something only looked at around Olympic time, but I was surprised to find out during a random search that American Justin Gatlin broke, then was credited with only equalling, the 100m world record.

The title of "world's fastest man", just isn't something that's noticed by those in North America, even when the owner is a bona-fide American. Amazing. I wonder if it was big news in Jamaica where the current world record holder, Asafa Powell, is a citizen.

Congrats to Bermuda for winning their inagural one-day international cricket match against Canada. While Bermuda still doesn't have a facility capable of hosting a ODI, it's good that the side has gotten off to a good start to hopefully a lengthy period at the upper-etchelons of cricket. Too bad they lost the second match comprehensively to Zimbabwe.


Blogspot or Bust

I've made the decision to stick with Blogspot until I get the new web host. Sucks for those using the RSS feeds I think, although I think there's a way I can work around that for the time being.

Too much has happenend recently - I've forgotten most of the things I wanted to post about. Work is intense, the good news is we have some summer students and they're quite good, it seems.

Getting back into sports. Played in the BVA Corporate Tourney and after a long hard day of sweat and tears (mostly sweat), our team were victorious. Hoping to play more when summer beach league starts up. Also, flag football looks ready to resume (finally!) and have been playing tennis on a weekly basis. This can only be a good thing.


Yes I'm a big dork

Tonight, first Happy Hour at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Also, new happy
hour going on at the former Pier 6. Plus the usual Friday post-work
Happy Hours at Lemon Tree, Cafe Cairo and several other places. Also
worth mentioning, a speed-dating event at BUEI.

Me, I decided to do something by myself and not get caught up in the
whole meet-and-mingle-bit over a drink. Went to watch some volleyball,
which I hadn't done in at least a year. Bermuda's women's team played a
friendly against a team called Halifax Xplosion from Canada and it was
fun to relax and watch the game and meet some of the guys that I played
with back when I was big into local volleyball. I want to get back in,
eventually. More on that later.

So yes, I'm a big dork. Went to watch volleyball solo instead of being
all social with the crowds. Que sera, sera.


Relationship failings

Over the course of the past week I've taken some time to reflect on what happened to not only destroy a fluttering romance but kill off a worthy friendship as well.

I think in hindsight that persistence in trying to make something more out of a sinking ship may have contributed to the eventual anger, bitterness and resentment that arose on all sides and caused a bunch of utterings that shouldn't have been said.

I've tried to not look back and wonder why, but I can't. Maybe we all need some form of closure. Maybe soon it will happen. Maybe not. They say time heals wounds.

I cannot regret the experience overall and think that for me at least it will benefit me long-term. I'm so sorry it had to end in such a horrible fashion - mistakes were made on both sides and although I think that even the lightest of friendship/acquaintance situation is unlikely, some civility can possibly achieved in light of the many positives attained during the experience.