My 2011 Wish List for Bermuda

A tumultuous year both for me personally, and Bermuda as a whole. As of now, if you were to gauge the overall "happiness" of people in Bermuda, I'd bet that the scale would tip substantially into the negative, and there are a number of factors at play, particularly as relating to the economy, jobs, personal safety, education of our young people, politics and sport.

Here's my quick 2011 Wish List:
  1. [Me] Become less apathetic to the goings-on in this country, less resigned to Bermuda's "fate".
  2. [Me] Get the website back on track, including the blog. 53 total posts is the lowest number since 2004, a bad trend.
  3. [Me] Be a better husband, appreciate my wife more and be a better contributor overall.
  4. [Me] Commit to bettering myself, physically and mentally.

  5. [Bermuda] Take personal responsibility for education - mentor a young child if you can, ensure your child excels despite the pitfalls of the education system.
  6. [Bermuda] Drive better, put your damn cell phones away, and ease up on the road rage.
  7. [Bermuda] Be willing to stand up for what's right.
  8. [Bermuda] Be wiser with your money and what you spend it on.

  9. [Politicians] Engage the public, communicate one-to-one, and lay off the b.s.
  10. [The UBP] Walk the walk.
  11. [The PLP] Demonstrate that you're about *all* of Bermuda. Listen to your opponents, don't ridicule them.
  12. [The BDA] Stop fighting for #2. Show Bermuda that you're capable of being the future Government.
  13. [My fellow bloggers] Continue to offer opinions and insight, no matter your political (or other) leanings.
  14. [Our athletes] Enjoy your sport, show a commitment to excellence, if you are representing Bermuda, give the best account that you can.

  15. [Bermuda] Help each other. Be more gracious and understanding. Live the Golden Rule.
Here's to a more happy 2011 for everybody.


Media, don't give credibility to the gangs

New rule, mass media, how about not displaying all the symbols and graffiti done up by these local gangs? I know that the media is supposed to be committed to providing the truth and facts, but I dunno, it just seems that they're these groups a sense of pride or something, and they can further thrive in their notoriety.