Confusion Reigns

So I'm thinking about Bank of Bermuda's plans to redevelop the Trimmingham's building into a seven-story banking centre with area for retail shopping. There have been objections from people here on the basis that it will negatively affect the look of Front Street, take away the Bermudian charm, etc.

I understood the objections, although I'd still support the Bank's objectives. However, I realized something. Where were the objections when people were allowed to have custom U.S.-styled licence plates, paint their cars all manner of colours, install enormous speaker systems and the like? Please. The old Bermudian charm is already an endangered species.

When a woman that you're interested in is actually encouraging you to date other people and not put all your eggs in one basket, what does that say about the woman's actual interest in you? Perception is an amazing thing, isn't it...


Olympic coverage: Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes it's good to live in Bermuda. The powers that be at the Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation, have in recent years wised up to the fact that the American TV networks are so biased in their international sports coverage, and made the decision some time ago to combine feeds from the American provider and the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

This gives us viewers the chance to watch Canadians and people from other countries during the majority of the time and the occasional sputterings from Dick Button and the jingoism that NBC has made not just famous but practically a motto. It was especially useful during the women's snowboard cross final where I wouldn't have had a clue what happened to Canadian Maelle Ricker who took a serious tumble if I was left to the NBC feed alone. Thank goodness.

Now if only we could garner some coverage from a network in Europe, we'd be all right.

I'm enjoying what little I have seen of the Games. The sport of curling has grown on me. So it's shuffleboard on ice, but still, there's a lot of drama and the people that follow the sport, they sure get into it.


Driving while reading

I couldn't believe it when I wound up behind a car entering Hamilton and the driver had his newspaper up directly in front of him as he cruised along Reid Street. Even if the traffic is slow-moving, there's intersections, pedestrian crossings, the chance that some hotshot could be attempting to veer across... so to the driver of 24237, you're Booked, and seriously dude, the paper can wait 5 minutes for you to read it.


Love Day Blues

I have just created the worst Valentine's Day experience ever, thanks to me not recognizing a situation and allowing myself to be consumed by my own insecurities.

Things like this only increase my self-doubt in terms of building relationships, it's partly psychological of course but I still have the ability to control my actions, and suffice it to say I failed miserably last night.

I am going to spend the rest of the week trying to make it up somehow - I have an idea of what I could try - but if it all fails then maybe I'm not cut out for dealing with relationships at this time and ned to mature mentally and emotionally.


Survivor Pearl Islands

Okay, am I the only guy who realizes that Rupert, the most over-rated player ever with zero strategic skill, occupies the head position on the new Pearl Is. DVD, the slot reserved for the winner? If I was Sandra I would be pissed to be second fiddle to that tempermental blowhard.

Sorry, that's my soap-operish Reality Rant of the week.


Superbowl 06

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on winning the NFL championship title. Of course you won't hear me ever use the term "world championships" for any domestic sports league, but that's another story.

One of my favourite NFL players, Heinz Ward, won the MVP title with a TD reception, 152 yards receiving and 18 yards rushing. Jermone Bettis caps off a stellar career with victory in his hometown of Detroit.

Even though the game wasn't the best-played in terms of gameplay and there were some controversial moments, the best team won. I'm not too happy with the over-abundance of high-school-grade local commercials during the breaks; I'd much rather have seen the million-dollar productions stateside instead of another lame Bermuda.com static ad. Let the local guys stick a banner on the screen if they want to next time.

I was talking briefly to my good friend Attleeboy last night when he informed me of the amazing news that Barbados finally implemented postal codes. Overdue of course, and for some reason I can't yet find out exactly when this change happened. But it's a good thing.

Mind you, I'm posting this from a country that put in a one-year grace period when implementing a much-publicised seatbelt law and to this day wants to bring in larger and larger vehicles knowing full-well that they're not all that suitable for our narrow roads. So who's really blind?


Coretta Scott King

Of course the big thing that I forgot to mention, and it's amazing considering that I actually alerted my friends of this yesterday morning, was the passing of Coretta Scott King, a remarkable woman and civil rights pioneer, a true role model for people everywhere.

What dampens things a bit is that I realized that I knew about Coretta Scott King's work and how valuable she is, but what about the Bermudian equivalents? I have close if not zero knowledge of this. I suppose I can blame myself for not pursuing local history in the past; however Bermuda history if I recall was barely skimmed over at primary school and untouched at all for the three years I did history at high school.

It's almost laughable if it wasn't that sad. I know more about recent Barbadian history in 5 years of study and living in Barbados, than I do in the remaining 20+ years that I've lived, studied and worked in Bermuda.

Yay, a Booking

Have finally been able to identify some law-abusing scum on two wheels - previously I've been unable to get licence plate numbers due to something or another, but today I got two for the price of one.

So to the munchkins on 481 BF and 430 BD, you're Booked for reckless driving including overtaking on a corner and forcing oncoming traffic to slow down so as not to send you flying skywards.