How not to navigate Bermuda roundabouts

I. Kid. You. Not.

At the junction of Serpentine Road, Par-la-ville and Woodlands Road, a bike rider overtook a car about to go on the roundabout, darted across the front of the car before heading left.

The insanity of Bermuda drivers on our roads knows no bounds.


Once again, the less well off have to make up the slack

So once again, government is hiking the prices of a commodity or service to make inroads into the national debt. Okay.

Today's announcement to confirm the increase in bus/ferry fares has the undesired effect of targeting the people least able to handle further dents to their savings or earnings.

Yes, on the surface it's probably not a substantial cut; a 5 dollar increase in a book of 15 tickets isn't a killer move, but when it comes to who gets to pay more, think about it. Who catches buses on a regular basis in Bermuda?

  • Students, who remain a 'protected class' because no political party wants to be seen as the ones who make children (their parents) pay
  • Seniors, who deservedly should retain their current status as being allowed to travel free on public transportation
  • Unemployed or low-income persons unable to afford private transportation
  • Temporarily disabled persons unable to utilize private transportation

The people who are more likely to be able to afford a small dent in their earnings are the ones less likely to use that service!

Sad situation all around. Meanwhile the politicians continue to find ways to inconvenience Bermudians just a little bit more, every time.


The cost of things in Bermuda

I'm pretty sure the very last thing most Bermudians wanted to hear today was the prospect of $300.00 Internet combined with thousand-dollar dining.

The disconnect between big-ups and the common man remains steadily high.


Predictable reactions to political issues

So, is anybody else surprised by the reaction to the latest tiff within the House of Assembly?

Cheerleaders, paid or otherwise, for each political party, come out swinging in full defense of 'their side' or attacking 'the other side'.

This too shall pass,... until the next dividing moment.


More bad hygiene

Sorry for getting a bit gross here.

Have you ever walked into a public restroom and found the seat coated with urine, and the floor also having spatters around?

What kind of fella causes such a scene and just goes about their merry way?

Probably didn't wash his hands either.

Ugh. Sickening.