Bring some measured thought for 2014

That's all I hope happens here in 2014. After more of the same, yet again, in Bermuda by the powers that be (as well as the common man), we just need to walk the walk.

Stop the silly games, show empathy and consideration for each other and be willing to collaborate.

I'd be lying if I was optimistic of it all, but who knows. We're due a pleasant surprise, I imagination.


New Bermuda political blog

Looks like a new blog is on the scene (in time for the holiday season). It's known as Bermuda Independent, and I presume that the title has to do with comparing itself to current media and or referencing itself as free from political bias, as opposed to seeking actual independence for the country, heh.

But anyway, always nice to see a new blog on the Bermuda scene. Blogging is not yet an outdated communication mechanism in Bermuda, thank goodness.


The wrong audience for talking about gang violence

It's all well and good for church leaders and politicians and the like to have special services in their environments to talk about returning to old-time values and principles, in order to reduce crimes in the community, particularly violence.

However, they all too often are figuratively, and apparently now *literally* preaching to the choir.

How about going out to those men and women in their areas and having heart-to-hearts and discussions on 'their turf'? If they're truly influential community leaders, then it shouldn't be any problem at all to get time to spend with those at risk of falling into illegal and dangerous behaviours.

After all, the chances of those already in the cycle of crime, attending those churches, or even watching the TV broadcasts of those services afterwards, is zero. Take it to the streets, take it to the people.


The OBA flip-flops again

It's official.

The One Bermuda Alliance, in another sign of being reactive instead of thorough planning, has done another about-face on a planned policy.

They are now officially full of crap, and have lost any sense of trust by myself.


Political cartoon 'uproar'

On ZBM TV news last night, two government senators took offense to a political cartoon in the daily which accompanied an article about popularity ratings of politicians, because the Premier was depicted in overalls and holding a clipboard, while two other politicians were shown in ties (the fourth, was in shirt and Bermuda shorts).

The claims varied from being offensive, inappropriate and potentially racist.

And because stupidity knows no bounds, it was politicians from *both* sides of the aisle who took offense.

One thing that I've understood as politicians is that you ought to have a thick skin or you'll never survive in that atmosphere. Yet, whenever it comes to things as simple as political cartoons, politicians act as if they were shown hanging from a tree or something equally nefarious.

It's overalls. God.

I don't have the archive to go through but it would be safe to presume that each of the individual cartoon images were pulled from separate cartoons drawn up in the recent past. The one of the Premier must have been from one where he was getting down to work, while the others may be of some business-type meeting.

And even so. If you, as a politician, are taking offense to a depiction of the Premier, or any politician, wearing garb that shows him as working (I think carpenter, but it could be bricklayer or painter or plumber), then you need to get a damn grip.

Hell, we need more carpenter/plumber/electrician types in Parliament in the first place, and less strutting suits. People willing to get down in the trenches instead of preaching silly things like political cartoons. Shame on them.


Another way to phrase the gambling question

"Do you favour the introduction of regulated casino gaming for the purposes of increasing the risk of gambling addiction and social turmoil?"

BEST or one of the amalgamated church factions should get the jump on the OBA with this one, I imagine.


A naive OBA?

I wonder if the ruling OBA party are aware of how much doubt a large section of the population have in the party's capacity and capability to lead.

For a group whose most significant function this year has been the equivalent of calling a manager's meeting, they seem awfully naive to the realities of what "painful decisions" are.

We get it, they (and this goes for the other political party, too) don't favour polls that show your team in a negative light. We get that they would rather be seen as the group that focuses more on getting things solved. Problem is that the OBA is coming across as doing neither; neither making the voting public happy or encouraged nor making the so-called tough decisions.

Frankly, and the collection of OBA fanatics posting on Bernews and the RG would be in total uproar at this possibility, I agree 100% that if an election was held today, the OBA would not only lose control of government, they'd lose by a significant margin of seats.

It should not have taken nearly a full calendar year to address issues like expanding gambling (that's what it is, not "gaming"), for example.

Get the tough stuff sorted out, and show the people why X, Y, and Z will benefit Bermuda, without coming across as dictatorial (or the other extreme: wishy-washy), and the average swing voter will appreciate it.