Apparently there's a shortage of eligible fellas

According to this article by Larry Burchall of the Bermuda Sun, educated women in Bermuda can't find a guy. Excuse me while I laugh. While I agree that women with well-paying jobs would tend to want to seek a partner of at least the same economic level, it would seem that they... you know what? I don't know anymore. I'm leaving this topic alone.

Trying to repair those stupid Forums as well now. Have pretty much abandoned it since the hackers and spammers over-ran it. So I'm going to give it a go to fix it and hopefully it'll work out. If not, then I can always try again with my eventual new host.


America can only be Goliath

I was reading Frank DeFord's latest SI piece, and he talks about the concept of Americans being underdogs in sports. I chuckled a bit. Even though the US is a relative minnow compared to the giants in soccer, for example, you really can't picture them as sympathetic underdogs when compared to say Togo, Trinidad & Tobago or even Australia. The article is worth a read, however.

Riding home, I saw two bad things happen, unfortunately I could only recall one licence plate number. The rider of AD310 could have caused something bad to happen when he ran a red light, however I was thrown by the cop car which darted into traffic near Devonshire Rec, then pulled to a side without any traffic signal used at all. I'm really sorry I didn't get the number of it. I mean, there's no harm in a police officer actually obeying the traffic laws, right?


Disgusting xenophobia

This? Is sickening and completely unmerited.

Disenfranchised Bermudians, of which I often feel like a member of myself, need to express their thoughts in better and more accurate ways. Threatening to commit crimes like slashing tyres and kidnapping family pets is in no way a suitable response.

And what the devil does "not look Bermudian" mean?


Florence gone

Everybody's okay. Florence skirted past us, causing nowhere near the damage that was feared earlier. Only the Monday was lost for businesses. Electricity was down for periods of the day, but I wasn't too happy to realize that my area was last on the list of areas to be restored power, over a day later than many other areas. But what can ya do. Sucks that the company has a monopoly and has no intention to move power lines underground anytime soon to help their customers' convenience.

Since the power went out I haven't bothered to shave. So now I have a fair bit of stubble (it's actually more than Don Johnson used to sport) and am thinking of doing the beard thing again. It's interesting how some women think it would be good on me while others aren't fond of them. Me, I've had the goatee thing for many years now - not sure yet what I want to do with my facial hair. Besides, if I was going to decide on shaving or not shaving to impress a woman, I'd save a lot of hassle and just decide to carry a money clip fat with crisp $100.00 bills, right?


Two weeks, lots to write

Let's see. Think I'm starting to gain back some weight. Losing money faster than I can earn it. Not good.

Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter, died. Government decided to raze our Botanical Gardens in order to build the new hospital. The NFL season has started, yay!

I will admit it, I actually watched "The View" when it debuted, back in '96. I think it was during one of my summer vacation/no job periods and I recall the buzz. And by coincedence I was off Tuesday and saw the 10th season premiere. Rosie's there. Whoo-hoo. No talk about Star Jones though. Bummer.

We got us a storm coming after us. Tropical Storm Florence (soon to be a hurricane, it seems) could cause us a bit of worry Sunday night. So we'll be battening down the hatches soon.

Before the storm, some fun on the beach as the FIVB Under-19 Beach World Championships came to Bermuda for the first time. I was present as a volunteer today during the semis and finals. I have to say that these young guys they brought in, they're immensely talented and ought to have good futures if they go pro. I'm a teeny bit disappointed that representation came only from Europe, North America and Oceania, but that's where the power base of the sport tends to be anyway. Fun tourney though, and only slightly dampened by Florence. Kudos to the BVA and the Ministry of Tourism for pulling it off, unfortunately we'll have no idea if this event did well for Bermuda due to the storm warnings.