Boycott the BIU, perhaps

So the BIU is unhappy with a labour situation with a popular fast food joint. They call upon the public to boycott the establishment.

How they have the gall to ask for public support, is beyond me. This is a union that goes on a freaking wildcat strike - disrupting the activities of the public in general, especially senior citizens - every time one of their workers does something to injure their *customers*.

They have zero qualms whatsoever when it comes to inconveniencing the public, yet they want the public's support in another matter. Screw that.


Another lame scam message

Pretty funny that a Bermudian ISP would ask me to follow a link with the mailing address in the US and sender's region originating in India :) It's like they're not even really trying hard nowadays.

An Attempt has been made to login from a new computer. For the security of your account, we are poised to open a query. Kindly Click the link below or copy and paste on your web browser for good security practice.

[LINK REMOVED, because *some* users will probably click it anyway]

Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account.

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