The continued inaction with regard to road safety

Last road collision resulting in major injury: April 26th
Last road traffic related fatality: April 18th
Last time the Transport Minister announced anything to address the epidemic: April 2nd
Last time the powers that be did anything tangible to address the epidemic: Who knows.

Tick, tock.

(See also: "It takes another road fatality to wake up the Transport Minister and TPTB")


Game of chicken, literally

Sorry, nothing to do with politics this time out, folks.
On my bike yesterday, there's this chicken standing in the road. She appeared oblivious to my vehicle heading my direction. Finally, when I was probably four feet away, the bird decides to step calmly away.

Meanwhile, I'm all "Oh, so that's why they name that particular game after chicken".


Breaking the (driving) law right under their nose

Was behind a woman in a car the other day during morning rush hour. Woman kept looking down, as if checking her cell phone or sending text messages. Occasionally while traffic was paused she'd take a longer glance, and then released the gas pedal to drift forwards a bit.

We later go by a stationary police SUV (presumably, there to check for traffic offenses, but in retrospect could have just been on a coffee break). Officers either don't notice or don't care.

Ho hum.


The pedestrians giving the rest of us a bad name

I kid you not.

Admittedly, this could have been a tourist, but it was unbelievable to come across a lady in the middle of the pedestrian crossing taking photos with her phone of a building.

Why would someone think this is a good idea, much less a smart one?

Yes, I'm in full agreement in pedestrians having the right of way at crosswalks, but come on, folks. They're not meant to be used as resting spots. Cross the street, that's it.


It takes another road fatality to wake up the Transport Minister and TPTB

Surprising absolutely nobody who's been following the lackadaisical attitude of the powers that be when it comes to road safety, it took another death on Bermuda's roads to remind the Transport Minister and his 'key stakeholders' that they were supposed to tackle the issues that plague our roads.

Pathetic, on all sides.

What did they expect, after their much-ballyhooed "Summit" 6 weeks ago? That there would be a sharp decline in collisions and serious injuries on the roads? From a round table of suits airing the all-too-obvious?


We still lack that Road Rules Champion, there's nobody in a position to influence and effect change, willing to demand and push for change in how we address things. It's just more of the same from the politicians, the police, and the media outlets.

Two days of spouting buzz words like "education", "change" and of course "coalition", will likely be followed by a whole lot of inertia until another serious incident happens.

More families getting the dreaded phone call.