Gang Territory

Kind of disappointed in the ol' "Ord Road Crew"... today I noticed they laid some graffiti in the bus shelters on either side of Middle Road between Keith Hall Road and Belmont golf course. Firstly, didn't know their 'territory' had expanded.

Secondly, why paint up a bus shelter when they had the majestic (sarcasm) and wide (vast) Great Wall of Warwick to work with, not far away? Now *THAT* would send some statements to the public (and the powers that be).

Chalk that up to missed opportunity.


Guess another bus strike is looming

PTB apparently has a new updated schedule for buses for the summer season to take into account the cruise ships, however the drivers and the BIU doesn't appear happy. Here we go again.

Why can't all parties get together to organise something and have it be finalised instead of this silly to-and-fro where management does stuff and the employees get no input?