Resuming our regular broadcast of political blah-de-blah

After a bit of respite due to Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo, we will now resume the usual political to-and-fro, starting with the upcoming bye-election.

The OBA and PLP have revealed their candidates.

Let the island's residents retreat to their respective corners and have at it. Ding.


Pink and blue mean bus, according to my son

So we're on the bike heading into town today and I point out the MV Longtail party boat which is on the rocks (with another boat smashed in between), as a result of the fury of Hurricane Gonzalo.

MV Longtail, in more seaworthy times
Little guy: That's a ferry boat?
Me: No, it's a party boat.
Little guy: But it's pink and blue so it should be a bus or ferry.
Me: Yeah, but it can't be a ferry. There are no seats.
Little guy: It's a ferry boat.

There's no convincing my 4-year-old otherwise. His astute logic refuses to be challenged by my mere objections.