Another road fatality

I don't like to be proven right when it comes to deaths on the roads but we experienced another fatality on our roads. And life continues here on its ho-hum pace for the most part.

I've been playing around with CSS and a possible new look for the Beachlime home page to make it more than just a splash page but actually give content to visitors. It's what's keeping me going sometimes when things are in the doldrums.


Our traffic laws are so, so weak

It was bad enough when I was chatting with a woman who said that she doubleparks all the time, and that even if she got ticketed for it, it wouldn't dissuade her from doing it again. I knew that something was amiss and that people are totally disrespectful of the road laws.

Then this scenario, in which a guy sped, ran lights, caused other motorists alarm, and created vehicular damage to another vehicle, garnered the guilty party a measly $500 fine and a one year ban from driving.

Firstly, I guarantee you within the next week or two he'll be driving something, somewhere. The police aren't likely to keep track of him. Secondly, the ban is for too short a period even if the person had every intent of following the court order. Thirdly, a $500 fine is weak. Weak, weak, weak. Hell, jailtime should have been strongly considered.

But, the talk will continue. Talk, talk, talk and nothing will change. And a week or two from now, somebody else will suffer from another bad road traffic collision.


Gloomy days

Ever have the kind of day when you're just miserable and don't feel like talking to anybody because you know you'll only serve to make them miserable (or make them pissed off at you because you're not chipper and joyous)? Yeah, that's been the past two days. Purely coincedental that we're having overcast skies and thunderstorms and plenty of rain Wednesday and today, but still...


Fearless red-light runners

So anyway, I'm at the junction of Church Street and Par-la-ville waiting at a red light when this guy riding a scooter maneuvers to the front of the line, looks around and then zooms right through. There ya go. No respect for the law. I would book the rider of O 178, but I noticed that it was a rental cycle from Oleander. I doubt he was in a hurry to return the bike before he got charged for an extra day's rental...


Cup Match and crazy drivers

I'll get the sports out of the way. In the 2006 edition of the Cup Match Classic, and I must pause to recognize the significance of Emancipation Day in Bermuda, St. George's walloped Somerset to retain the crown for another year. A very nice couple of days out and a much-needed break from work. See here for a set of pics courtesy of BlackandCoke.com.

Saturday, and I was already wondering why the hell I went to town as I not only got a screw puncturing the rear tire of my bike, and was subsequently dumbfounded as the usually excellent and reliable Mobile Fix-A-Flat were closed for business in the early afternoon!, luckily enough found a guy to fix it eventually... but on to the how-the-hell part of the day's events.

So I'm at a traffic light, and a bike simply overtakes this station wagon on the right. No big deal, it would seem. When the light goes green and traffic flows, the guy in the station wagon pulls underneath the guy on the bike and actually sticks an arm out and whacks him. Repeat, whacks this guy on his bike while motoring along! That's perhaps the most dangerous and idiotic thing I've seen on the road in quite some time. Imagine what could have happened if the guy fell over, potentially in the path of oncoming traffic. That ought to be a crime no less than assault, and to you, the careless driver of 30607, yeah an old white station wagon, you are Booked. And a menace.

I'll share the tale of another red-light runner that I witnessed this afternoon at a later time.