Digihell revisited

As if there weren't enough problems with our wireless provider Digicel, and I already wonder how they managed to steal part of T-Mobile's "Get More®" tagline (Catherine Zeta-Jones, we love you!), but I get my monthly statements from them, and for some reason, their envelopes are sealed upside down or something. It's very strange. I'm being kind. It's silly.

Some people complain about poor service, inability to roam or complete SMS messaging, or waiting in line for customer support. I complain about the seemingly trivial stuff (although when it comes to trademark law, maybe it's possible someone could be sued?)

Much going on in the world. For example, talking about the situation in Israel and Lebanon would take forever... so much chaos and tension. What hurts though is seeing on the news people carrying off the bodies of children. Nothing's worth that.

While Floyd Landis prepares to possibly get his Tour de France title stripped from him, I saw that one of track and field's biggest potential rivalries and drawing cards could be in jeopardy as American Justin Gatlin tested positive for doping. Anticipation for a showdown between him and Asafa Powell is going to be severly diminished, if not stumble entirely.

Matter of fact, both cycling and track and field have just taken serious body blows in their efforts to maintain credibility and worldwide interest.


My dyslexic buddies' websites

I don't know why it took me so long to promote thaunderground.net, a site partially produced by my good buddy Kevin. Possibly because it's about hip hop and other forms of music (and reading *about* music and music artists bores me to death), but anyway. Visit there sometime if you're one of the 99% who actually cares.

One of my new co-workers is the designer of vybezalliance.com, a very well-done website (using Dreamweaver along with Flash) with cool-looking components. He's a part-time DJ and could be on the verge of having his own enterprise, so to speak. There's music, videos, model gallery (!) and other featurettes.

The connection? Somewhere, it became cool to misspell words and phrases. Again, when one person does it, it's "fresh" and "intriguing". But everybody's doing it nowadays. So it's more played out than anything, in my opinion. Unfortunately innovation is a dying art around these parts, everyone thinking they're re-inventing the wheel when they're really just being lemmings.


Another shooting

It's happened again. Another blasted shooting.

Got another disapproving look from someone when I told them I have no cable TV or DSL connection and had the audacity to actually be content with that instead of sufferng profusely. My standard of living was called primitive. Good lord. I can admit that I was sheltered growing up, but sheesh.

Surely there is one person in this island besides myself that actually doesn't rank cable TV as a need item on par with groceries.


My first voyeuristic experience

Wow. Totally by accident, I was looking out the window when I saw a couple have an argument, watched them get into a car, and after much hand-gesturing on the guy's part (and bewilderment at why the woman was sitting there taking such stick), saw first an arm slip underneath the seat for a few minutes, then both parties migrate to the back seat. Next thing you know, the car was bouncing in that way obvious to everyone that intercourse was under way. It was just bizarre to see this happening in a public place, during the time that evening rush hour was occurring. I mean, the car had tinted windows but still.

Afterwards, both parties returned to the front seat and the argument seemed to resume in some fashion. The man appeared to be pleading a case of some sort to the woman who just seemed distraught. But why was she taking the seeming verbal diatribes, then turn around and screw the guy, then come back and go back to where it all began?

It was a weird episode, but that's not the crux of this. Why was this fascinating to me? I have heard of voyeurs and the like but didn't pay it any real mind. Maybe you have to see it to know how compelling the scenario I described was.

Sex in a car in a public place is one thing... this, was a bit disturbing. But I don't know the situation at hand and ought to reserve judgement, right?


Snakes in the grass

From Barbados... yikes, a 7-foot snake!

Boa constrictors in Barbados, centipedes and scorpions in Bermuda,... no place is safe these days.

Was watching some of the Stanford 20-20 last night as Barbados beat Anguilla. When Barbados was batting, one of the players lofted a ball straight to long-off and the fielder failed to make the catch but instead tapped the ball over his head for a six. Commentator Jeffrey Dujon: "Inexcusable..." Ian Bishop, one of the appointed "legends", quickly moves to indicate that the player was young, in perhaps the first time playing in front of a large crowd and on television, he'll learn from the experience, and other non-condemming statements. Good on Ian, although perhaps the fact that he has been appointed to keep an eye out for young talent and not be overtly critical of the younger guys may have led to a more amiable statement from him.

Unfortunately Tony Cozier's still the worst of all as his anecdotes of who he knows and what woman's tickling his fancy and over-the-top criticisms just make me cringe more and more over time. Shame, because he's as knowledgable of the game as it gets.

Cable TV is a necessity

Once upon a time, cable TV was a luxury item in Bermuda. It was a perk, a treat. But now it's almost equivalent to groceries and gas. People go bonkers if their cable TV is gone. I missed the boat on this, maybe because my folks weren't bothered to join the craze when it first started and when I went to Barbados subscription TV again was only for the well-to-do and as such, I never had a chance to experience and then get attached.

So I missed the boat and still think that cable TV is not a necessity. There's at least one soul out there that tends to agree with me - I would like to have a special sports package on cable but if I don't have it, heck I can always go to a sports bar if I need to.

I will say this though - if your cable TV bill exceeds your groceries bill for the month, then something's got to give.


Signs, hints, and the like

I was talking with my old friend Stace online last night and one of the things that came up was my failure to recognize the signs or hints that women can drop at times when interacting with a fella to show any possible interest.

Historically I'm beyond clueless. And I've felt oftentimes that I've missed at least a couple opportunities to get to know someone better.

So what happens today? I butt up on a young woman that I knew for some time, have some interest in and am pretty cool with. Now, I don't have a clue if she has interest on her part or dropped any of those so-called clues, but as we went our own ways, the question popped up in my head as to why I didn't at least venture a coffee-break if not a lunch or dinner? Do I disqualify myself from consideration even before testing the water?

Stace, I've already lost the bet. Feel free to slap me with that pillow.


Hey, maybe it's bronchitis

One thing for sure when you have some ailment is that everybody has their opinions on what's causing it. Case in point, I appear to have another chest infection. Been coughing the past few weeks. Last time I seemed to have one, the doctor prescribed some asthma medication.

Now because I'm a dumb workaholic reluctant to take half a day off to see the doc (they're based in St. George's; it will take half the day to get there, get examined, etc.) plus the fact that my insurance didn't pay for the last visit (and I can't be bothered to investigate why), I haven't seen anybody yet. So that's mistake #1 anyway and everything that follows below is moot.

Anyway, friends and family have given me completely different opinions on what's wrong and in some cases how to remedy it. One person says it's the accumulation of mold and milddew etc in the house (andd I agree that the place needs a good hosing). Someone else says it's riding on the bike that's caused it. I've been given (again) the brown paper bag theory regarding the bike. Yep I won't look like an idiot at all sticking a paper bag in my shirt. Nobody's yet supported my diesel smoke claims for some reason. For all I know, I could have lung cancer, and wouldn't that be a great statement on behalf of those who believe second-hand smoke is deadly?

Is it any wonder I don't think I'll see 50?


Forza Azzuri

Congratulations to Italy on winning arguably the most coveted trophy in sports, the World Cup. While they may have been fortunate to squeak past the Aussies in the round of 16, they bulit up momentum and in my opinion, are worthy champions.

The summer sports bonanza is not yet over, as the Stanford 20-20 cricket tournament has gotten under way. Sure it's not going to be noticed outside of the Caribbean, but I tell you this, from what I've seen so far I'm excited. I got my first taste of 20-20 cricket at the World 20-20 Classic held in Bermuda earlier in the year and this version of the sport I'm sure will garner attention and interest in the game as a whole.

Unfortunately, things in Bermuda aren't going too great. We had back-to-back road traffic fatalities and the other night another collision led to a couple of people in hospital. I'm convinced; people will not listen to calls to slow down and be more cautious.

Another disturbing thing is this incident involving a man of Portuguese descent being attacked by youths after watching the World Cup semifinal at a popular bar/restaurant. It goes beyond disturbing and despicable. I hope they catch the guys and put them away for a long time.


A blurb on Rebecca Middleton

Ten years and a day ago, Canadian visitor Rebecca Middleton was raped and killed under brutal circumstances. Nobody has been convicted of any crime against her with the exception of a guilty-plea from one person for being an accessory after the fact.

I think that I was on summer holiday back in Bermuda from university when the crime happened and I had figured that it'd have been solved pretty quickly once they had the accused persons in court, showed the forensic evidence, quick conviction. But somewhere down the line, the legal system hiccuped.

CBC recently reported that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board awarded Rebecca's family a total of just over $2,800. Scanty, to say the least.

Bermuda is a very safe place to visit. Many of us are friendly and hospitable to visitors. However, we're quickly assembling a pretty ugly laundry list of gaffes and butchered crime cases.


Thinking ahead to a birthday

I was chatting with a friend at work today and the subject of my age came up. I'll be thirty later this year. Yikes. I asked a couple of people what they did on their thirtieth birthday. Responses ranged from first-time sex with their future spouse to simple tours in a foreign country.

I think I know which I'd rather prefer. Birthday sex... mmm.


Portugal defeated England in a World Cup quarterfinal, and predictably there was much celebrating along Front Street. Brazil stumbled mightily and lost to France, meaning that the last four teams all hail from Europe. Not good if you believe that the power base of the sport was shifting to the less-heralded nations. Ah well. I've cast my lot with the Germans to triumph now.

Also, there was a drive-by shooting incident in Bermuda recently. Don't know the full details but it's pretty sickening to hear that such things happen in this little island. And for some odd reason, crimes involving gunplay often don't get solved...