Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 8

Progress, folks. My first physio appointment was relatively brief. We checked the ol' hoof out, and ran through a set of exercises that should further stretch out the tendon and recover strength in the corresponding muscles.

Then, I went home and tried to repeat the exercises. I nearly fell over when trying the calf stretch against the wall, so nobody's perfect.

The hardest part may be to ensure I stick to the program, as when I get home from work I'm not keen on any physical work, and when I wake up it's a bother as well... so really it comes down to just becoming dedicated and ensuring I make the time for this. After all it's my leg, nobody else is going to do it for me... and lord knows I don't have the money for a full-time, live-in, physio to keep me on my toes, so to speak.

Woohoo, a credit to my account

Remember, the scammers don't care. All they need is one out of the thousands of emails they send out to be opened, link clicked, and bank details submitted, to succeed.
Dear Customer,
You have received a UCount-Credit customer bonus of BMD 820. You were randomly selected to receive the above amount in our August 2015 general customer appreciation bonus
Proceed to credit your account now
REF0153UCOUNT******/2015 (BONUS)
(From an address purporting to be from Clarien Bank, which seems to love me even though I've still not opened an account there, heh)


Ensuring beach access, at all times

Historically, I've been always against the restriction of beach access in Bermuda, which I believe is a minority position in online circles.

So when the topic of access to the existing beach area in relation to hotel development in St. George's came up, I'm not surprised that it doesn't make many waves (pun unintended) in the online community. I'm grateful for Think.Bm/Politica for their live tweeting of the Senate discussion on the development.
'Reasonable', in this circumstance, should mean 'unhindered' and 'unfettered' at all times, except in case of environmental or ecological emergency. I have a sad feeling though, that Government's definition is going to be far more restrictive.

Hopefully Senators Daniels and Ming will be able to follow up and ensure that Bermudians and visitors will retain access to what I think should be a fundamental and national right, that is, access to public beaches.


Road Safety, still in the works

Well, I'm sure it's still in the works. That's what they said back in June. The transport Minister has repeatedly said things would happen in a couple of weeks.

Don't mind that things like running over firefighters are now happening in Bermuda.

Keep producing press releases every two months promising that committees are going to form. That's been proven to placate the public.

Road user habits will adjust on their own. Innocents caught up in the carnage, as well as their families, they're perfectly fine with the rate of progress on things.

"A" for effort. Or something.


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 6

No longer do I need to hop up the stairs in my house. Using the railing and a crutch I can two-step my way, so that's something to be happy for.

I discovered on Sunday that they left one of my stitches in. I'm sure there's little danger in it, but now I can't stop checking it out. One day, I'm going to be tempted to try to cut the thread out myself, and I'm sure that's not a recommended policy... even *if* I was a cub scout and have GCSEs in Biology.


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 3

I wasn't warned one bit about the swelling.

The ol' leg, after the cast came off. Matchstick-thin.
Dear lord. I move my foot and ankle for the first time in many weeks and it's like my circulatory system has migrated south. It was worse yesterday, but today's no picnic.

With crutches, I can make a semblance of a walk, although there's no chance of putting any sort of weight on it.

Elevation and ice seems to be the order of the day, well, the next several days, perhaps. Luckily I haven't done something completely bonkers and banged my toe on a bed post or something (yes I'm aware I've jinxed myself).


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 2

Second day since the cast's come off.
I'm kind of giddy that I can stand up. It's not a full straight-on stand, but it's nice to feel the ground beneath both of my feet at the same time.
My physio doesn't start until Wednesday so it's basic stretching and gaining mobility for myself in the meantime.

The icky part (well at least where my family's concerned) is that there's still three months' worth of dead skin slowly falling off from my calf, shin and foot. May need a personal Dirt Devil to carry around for a week or two, just in case. Sorry, family.

It's going to be a busy latter half of 2015, no doubt, so hopefully this aspect of things will progress at a good rate... after all I'm going to be on permanent trash-taking-out duty from here on out.


Bermuda taxi drivers in spotlight

Since my injury, I've had to make a lot of use of local taxis. Sadly, this has impacted my wallet much more than I had planned at the start of the year, but it is what it is.

Reading two recent articles concerning less-than-useful taxi operators, I have to say it's another classic case of one bad apple (or a few) spoiling the bunch. In a service industry that's reliant on reputation, any bad instance will leave a sour taste in one's mouth for a long time afterwards.

I haven't experienced abusive drivers, although I have had some relatively rude and or selfish ones in the past. My biggest pet peeve at the moment, is only the dispatch/arrival process when I'm ordering one. Most times, I can get a taxi at the required time, however there are a few times when one doesn't show up readily, and there's no notification otherwise. That's frustrating, but it doesn't reach the levels of anger that these folks are claiming from some pretty shoddy experiences.

It's up to the other drivers and the respective governing organizations to demand better from those who are appointed for these roles, as any bad experience reflects badly on everyone, even if not justified. Weed out the inept or uncontrollable ones immediately.