Hey, maybe it's bronchitis

One thing for sure when you have some ailment is that everybody has their opinions on what's causing it. Case in point, I appear to have another chest infection. Been coughing the past few weeks. Last time I seemed to have one, the doctor prescribed some asthma medication.

Now because I'm a dumb workaholic reluctant to take half a day off to see the doc (they're based in St. George's; it will take half the day to get there, get examined, etc.) plus the fact that my insurance didn't pay for the last visit (and I can't be bothered to investigate why), I haven't seen anybody yet. So that's mistake #1 anyway and everything that follows below is moot.

Anyway, friends and family have given me completely different opinions on what's wrong and in some cases how to remedy it. One person says it's the accumulation of mold and milddew etc in the house (andd I agree that the place needs a good hosing). Someone else says it's riding on the bike that's caused it. I've been given (again) the brown paper bag theory regarding the bike. Yep I won't look like an idiot at all sticking a paper bag in my shirt. Nobody's yet supported my diesel smoke claims for some reason. For all I know, I could have lung cancer, and wouldn't that be a great statement on behalf of those who believe second-hand smoke is deadly?

Is it any wonder I don't think I'll see 50?

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