Copycat hoax emails in Bermuda

There's an email hoax going around little Bermuda right now. Someone emailed me a message saying that a local Chinese/Asian restaurant was being shut down because they found rats being prepared for consumption...

Yeah, you can guess. Here's the actual hoax, via Snopes.com.

Some person had all the free time on their hands to dig up a hoax report on the web, change some of the details so it has that local feel, and spread it across the island. If I owned the restaurant I'd be pretty ticked off.

Then again, we were gullible enough to believe that a tsunami was going to hit the island via a series of SMS messages, so heck.


site fury

Now my gibbo.beachlime.com page is falling apart. Sigh. Need new web host, yesterday.

Breaking and entering

It should be quite concerning that the number of break-ins and burglary attempts in Bermuda has risen in recent months. I can't even fathom the mindset that goes into deliberately trying to steal something of value from another person, whether stranger, acquaintance or even a relative!

It's something to be taken very seriously.

With resources seemingly thin, I don't know what the police can do, it's probably similar to the road safety/traffic enforcement situation. So they tell potential victims to be extra vigilant in protecting their properties. That's all good, but no guarantee.

The other day my good friend was a victim of a car break-in, one of several that occurred that day, at the Bulls' Head car park. No valuables were left behind, yet the car windows were busted and a crowbar used to pry the door open to search. Here's where I ask why isn't there any noticeable form of security at this car park? CCTV cameras? Even one of those 80-year old 'security guards' patrolling regularly? That's a case for Corporation of Hamilton/Police to discuss, at least.

Perhaps, it explains why there may still always remain a demand for rottweilers and pit bulls and other perceived aggressive dogs on the island, as a simple matter of protection.


Bermuda Police website

By random, I wanted to view the Bermuda Police website.

Unsure, I tried www.bermudapolice.com and was taken to a site that definitely wasn't official. Actually it went to the infamous 'behind the scenes/corruption angle' site.

The official Police site is www.bermudapolice.bm, however it's in the best interest for them to buy out that .com name as the other isn't flattering at all, to say the least.


Embracing the technology

While coming to grips with the fact that our court/legal system may be too antiquated to immediately implement new and useful legislation on the use of cameras on our roads, I soon observed a common experience while out and about.

The MarketPlace is Bermuda's largest grocery chain, yet when you compare some of its service offerings to other local outlets you tend to wonder exactly why.

Namely, the lack of technological advances in pricing of goods. Lindo's, Arnold's and Supermart, for example, all use electronic readers at the checkout counters. Meanwhile MarketPlace relies on the old slap-a-sticker method. Which means longer wait times when a sticker falls off and the person has to call a supervisor to run down the aisle to find the price of the item we're trying to buy.

I know, small island, is it worth it, etc. Other retailers seemed to think so, however. Yet we have businesses operating on the island, long-standing ones at that, that don't even accept credit cards as a form of payment. It's a little bizarre - maybe the TechWeek people have a study going on about that situation.