Snakes in the grass

From Barbados... yikes, a 7-foot snake!

Boa constrictors in Barbados, centipedes and scorpions in Bermuda,... no place is safe these days.

Was watching some of the Stanford 20-20 last night as Barbados beat Anguilla. When Barbados was batting, one of the players lofted a ball straight to long-off and the fielder failed to make the catch but instead tapped the ball over his head for a six. Commentator Jeffrey Dujon: "Inexcusable..." Ian Bishop, one of the appointed "legends", quickly moves to indicate that the player was young, in perhaps the first time playing in front of a large crowd and on television, he'll learn from the experience, and other non-condemming statements. Good on Ian, although perhaps the fact that he has been appointed to keep an eye out for young talent and not be overtly critical of the younger guys may have led to a more amiable statement from him.

Unfortunately Tony Cozier's still the worst of all as his anecdotes of who he knows and what woman's tickling his fancy and over-the-top criticisms just make me cringe more and more over time. Shame, because he's as knowledgable of the game as it gets.

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