The week in Review: Links

Not much that's blog-worthy, although I'm still trying to redevelop my site using full-out CSS. I wish I had a modern digital camera so that I could re-do the old Photo Shack. It's hard though, because of course my job involves the web and when I get home, sometimes the last thing I want to do is more web stuff. But heck.

This link is proof that if you're in the Internet dating game, be very watchful and for heaven's sake, get the real name. Imagine if the rendevous had been a darkened hotel room kind of thing!

These links show that the myth is true: size does matter. However, it's not all that it's cut out to be...

Finally, sex is good for you. Shoot, that's old news of course. But it is far better done with a partner. So remind your partners to help you and help themselves become healthier.


More delays by our friends in Government

So the plan by Government to build more accomodations has been delayed until 2007 at earliest. Hmph. Probably just in time to take place as a post-election promise by the governing party. Peachy.

Good news, I've now included a new weather service, from Weather.com, for the site home page. If you hadn't noticed, it's now located beneath the old 'mission statement' blurb on the home page. Pretty, isn't it?


The January Report

Well the disturbing news arose from what I thought was a chest infection or maybe even pneumonia or something that I picked up nearly two weeks ago; my doctor theorized that I may have adult asthma. Just peachy. But I'd have myself to blame, maybe. My bedroom tends to accumulate dust and I haven't aerated the place in a long time. If it is indeed that, then maybe that would also explain why sometimes when I do something very physical (like playing flag football) after the first couple of minutes I lose my breath and have to get that 'second wind' quickly.

It's like over the last six months my own mortality has been exposed. First the eye issues now this. So much for thinking that I was immune to anything more intense than the common cold.

People like this guy irk me when they discuss their building executive townhouses as being beneficial to Bermuda with quotes like "It relieves pressure on the Bermudian housing market".

Hmph. Pressure could be more greatly reduced by instead constructing regular one and two-bedroom apartments, so don't try to kid us. It's more profitable to build the townhouses and charge their higher rents to the big-ups so don't feed us B.S. Don't pretend to be charitable when you're only trying to maximize your returns.


The Ides come early this year

One of the things I forgot to mention earlier was my shock at seeing that at Henry VIII Restaurant, a fine restaurant mind you, where I went for New Year's, I was stunned to see the sign at the buffet counter read "Cheese's". Sigh. I swear, I will have some anti-apostrophe shirts and stickers printed off before year-end.

Anyway, more pressing matters. Historically, ever since '96, March has been the month of depression for me. Yes, I blame that girl from college. But anyway. I've already begun to feel miserable as a result of my deep thoughts explained in a previous entry. I expect to go through this for at least the rest of the week as I have issues to resolve with myself and other people.

American college football usually goes by with me paying little attention but last night I saw an extraordinary game with some amazing performances, to decide college football's national championship. Congratulations to the University of Texas and wow, their quarterback Vince Young, what a performance.


Honesty is the Best Policy

Happy New Year, all. I look forward to a new year of blasting careless driving and all the other 'little issues' on the island (and the greater planet). I leave Limey and Christian and even the Sucks guys to deal with the big boy news.

I'm today making a New Year's Resolution for myself. I've been held back from opportunities because I haven't been fully honest with myself and other people. Since I still haven't been able to shake that 'people-pleaser' thing with myself I have held back things in the past year but there's no way that I can go forward until I've let it in the open. So I'm going to try to be more open with the people that I care about and try to control my destiny more. I think it's important to do so, regardless of the situation or whatever excuses I could conjure for myself, because I'm an adult and I need to take responsibility for any actions that I take (or do not take).

The other resolution of course, is to get my corner of Beachlime looking better and more friendly and entertaining for the viewer. Step One could be stealing my sister's digital camera and revitalizing the Photo Shack. I found some old photos from my days at Cave Hill while cleaning my room. Damn, I was slim even in college. So all the blame goes to the office for pushing me over 200 lbs. Whoops. Broke my resolution already. Sigh.