Turn signals optional

I do wish, someday, that the majority of motorists in Bermuda would actually use their turn indicators. When did using a turn signal stop being mandatory and become more of a suggestion?

Just reason #11 that there's so much dang road rage and dangerous driving conditions on this little island.


The PRS, music and Bermuda

A UK-based group called the Performance Rights Society has recently put Bermuda in its crosshairs; under the intention of ensuring musicians are paid for the broadcast of their performances, they're advising local businesses that they will need to pay a particular licence fee.

Let the web of copyright, broadcasting and who's to pay who, begin. Perry Footwear, I'm sure you're on notice already.

Just what we needed, of course - watch the grocery stores, who sometimes air music while people shop, then have to pay a few thousand bucks to this PRS, and then to make up the shortfall, impose further hikes on their produce.

I wonder if that church group that plays that ominous theme you always hear in movie trailers, is also subject to paying royalties...