Michael Jackson Overhype

So Michael Jackson, accused of sexually abusing young boys, decides to go on Jesse Jackson's radio show to claim his innocence. That's fine in itself, I suppose, he's not breaking any laws or violating his gag-order or what-not.

He then goes on to compare his situation with that of Nelson Mandela. That's right, the man who was jailed for years because of his stance against apartheid, one of the worst disservices against fellow human beings ever. Yes, Michael Jackson, who's only famous for signing and being a benefactor to plastic surgeons everywhere, is almost equivalent to Mandela. Oh yeah, also Jesse Owens and Mohammed Ali.

He should compare himself more to O.J. Simpson if he wants to talk about conspiracies, although it wouldn't be in his best interest, would it? But it's definitely a far closer parallel.


Lest we forget

These are the Ides of MarchTM but so far, so good. No chaos over here, although it seems to be happening to some of my friends. To them, I hope their luck improves.

Meanwhile, I haven't Booked anybody in some time. But today's lucky guest is the rider of bike BD109, who committed the double deed of overtaking on the left, and then turning without using an indicator signal. Congratulations!

I so need a vacation.


Web standards

The key to getting something to work in HTML and CSS is to ensure it meets the W3C standards. Because I'm stuck with IE at work, whenever I modify code, I can only test it in that application, and it's notorious for its non-compliance with the standards. So when I get home and see how it looks in a compliant browser such as Firefox, things are all out of wack.

By ensuring that your HTML and CSS code validates - in this case, I had to test my CSS pages in the W3C Validator, which immediately threw in my face tons of error notes that were easily fixable - you're almost guaranteed good working code that will be acceptable in most modern web browsers. And it also spared me a big headache.

[/end web geek talk]

What does this mean? For starters, I've now gotten my home page to appear more like how I envisioned it, although the code isn't as clean as it could be. Having my latest Whappenings bit on the home page is very nice, and seems to avoid the occasional "not available" messages I got from my old third-party app. I've also added a weather piece to the home page for all those wondering how things are in Bermuda and in Barbados.

What's next? A new contact form to replace my old mailto link so as to defy the spambots, is high on my list. I have a new Tsehay poem to add to the Poetry Corner. There's also other things that are in store, so stick around.

And finally, this story, absolutely funny. Sars from TwoP discusses that intelligent vacuum Roomba in this crazy piece right here.


Top o' the day to you

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I wish I actually knew personally any Irish people. The only Irish thing that I have any affiliation with is the odd Guiness every now and then. Heh.

Working on a new layout for the home page, something to give the viewer (hey that would be you! Hello! How's life treating you?) something more interesting to see when they first visit/stumble drunkenly upon/are misdirected to this website. I feel confident that it'll be worthwhile. Or at least a way to further use my php programming powers for the greater good.

Had a dream last night that I quit my job. Problem was that I had nothing else lined up so I went to a PC the next day (in my dream) and logged on and couldn't open Outlok or Notes or whatever so I was all in dismay. Go figure, I wake up and go to work and get greeted with news of a staff forum with the big bosses. There's something to it all, perhaps. But I got a coaster and a tin of tiny mints (or cyanide tablets) out of the deal. So it's some consolation after a confusing morning.


Lime, meet Limey

I've added the long-overdue link to the Limey In Bermuda website in my Links section. This is where I lurk almost every day to read the new issues up for discussion. Since the Bermuda Onion website went into hiatus it had been hard to find anything resembling a Bermuda-issues forum and Limey's site is as good as it gets right now. And I mean that in a good way.

Regardless of which political affiliation you have, or none at all, it's a worthy place to visit if you're interested in Bermuda issues. People may be sceptical of something authored by a British guy, but he does have interesting insights. And no, it's not a one-sided site at all. Everybody's free to comment or debate the topics at hand.

One of these days I may actually post things there myself.

In other news, my friend Gillian had her second child this month and in Barbados, Stacy had her second child a few weeks ago. Baby-mania! I'm looking around now to see who else is due to pop one. I think there's more to come.


The Pedestrian Crossing is NOT a start-finish line

To driver of 20526 and everybody else who thinks that you get bonus points for dashing across a pedestrian crossing while someone (in this case, my sister and I) is halfway across the street, a big fat slap should be delivered right upside your head. And then your licence should be removed.


Why our Road Laws won't get changed (II)

I wouldn't have believed this if I hadn't just seen it. I'm riding up Palmetto Road and all of a sudden this cop-bike comes up from behind and zooms past me. I think its light was flashing but there was definitely no siren. Anyway, I continue on, thinking that the guy is obviously either responding to some incident or something of that matter.

Lo and behold (I like that phrase - when used in the right context), as I near Bernard's Park, I'm forced to wait as the rider of the bike is involved in a roadside chat with some other driver. You know the deal - the car is pulled over next to the curb and the bike is right next to it. Eventually both parties take off. I suppose the emergency wasn't as critical as I thought. Either that or the rider is abusing his power.

Rider of IO974 and driver of 31874, you're both Booked. Now I know why the police aren't clamping down on traffic violations and abuse, they're too caught up in doing it themselves. Maybe the Commissioner has relaxed the rules or something. Wouldn't be surprised. Another reason why nobody respects the Police.


Try finding an affordable place to stay

Why people only turn on their indicator signals when they're actually turning instead of before they turn, is a mystery. And stupid. So to the cell-phone-using guy driving IN1736, you're Booked.

If you're a single guy in Bermuda, forget about home ownership. It's a pipe dream. Unless you're a doctor or something. That's the object of my bitterness as the Ides of MarchTM approach.

Take a look at the Bermuda E-Moo website. There are two sections dedicated for apartments etc. - one for prospective renters and one for those who want to rent out. The difference in expectations between the two groups would be hilarious if it wasn't sad. But it's getting a bit better, although again either way the prices are too much for me. So I'm stuck living 'at home' for at least a couple more years I think. Unless I get an unexpected jump in salary of at least $500 a month... heh. Maybe if I take my freelance web business and actually do something with it. Hm.