The Belittlement Syndrome


No sympathy for private beaches

It's pretty hilarious that we now have a situation where a hotel with a private beach is objecting to a plan where an adjacent beach will have even more restrictive access in place.

I don't know if the legal framework will support the objection or not, but if they're looking for sympathy from the people who for stupid reasons can't get to the beach in the first place (i.e. a lot of residents), then yeah, good luck with that.

As always, when a beach access topic comes up, Mighty Gabby will have his say.


Scammers don't waste any time

Today the local newspapers reported on the name change of Capital G Bank.

Later this afternoon in my e-mail inbox:
Dear Clarien Client,

We are migrating clients to our new Clarien Server. We shall shutdown the previous server accordingly. Kindly activate your account on the new server below to avoid account being suspended.

Activate; [SCAMMY LINK removed]

Thank you.
Clarien Group
Scammers don't waste any time at all trying to prey on the public.


Remembering Boston and Hillsborough

15 April will be known for a long time as a day of tragedy in sports.

In 1989, 96 people died and hundreds more were injured during an FA Cup match in Sheffield. The inquests into the hows and whys of the affair have been re-raised, but that shouldn't take away from a tragedy that shook the soccer world.

In 2013, the Boston Marathon was affected by the detonation of bombs which resulted in three deaths and hundreds of injuries. Aside from being a more recent event than the former, this tragedy had the added impact of being deliberately created by men with evil intentions.

Today should be a day of reflection and remembrance for those no longer with us as a result of these tragic events.


Animal issues vs People issues

Anybody notice that whenever a story goes up in the local newspapers, if it's about pets or other animals, they tend to draw a lot of discussion, but if it's about people (either high achievers, sportsmen, etc.) they almost always draw zero to minimal comment?

Why is that?

Do people find animals fundamentally more discussion-worthy than other human beings and their accomplishments? Is this a sign of societal disconnect?


A Bermuda politics 'what if'

Browsing Bernews, another one of those articles that descends into tit-for-tat stuff in the discussion area, however this comment made me go a little "hm, what, huh, what if":
Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:
April 4, 2014 at 2:15 am
You speak as though you can prevent my future involvement in Bermuda politics. Stay tuned.
While such a speculative event may not necessarily mean that things will either 'start getting done' or that debates would be less farcical and more productive, it would bring a bit of interest to parliamentary debate, for starters.