When merged companies don't talk to each other

Would you believe it, so my ISP merged with a cell phone provider, and
the very next billing invoice sent to me gets flagged as spam and is

You can't make this stuff up.

Ah, Bermuda internet.


Cue the Empire Strikes Back music - US Elections edition

It's probably cliche to describe this as the most pivotal date in the
history of the United States, but good lord, has there ever been a
more contemptuous period of time in American presidential politics?

You have from the two major political parties, people surrounded by
heaps of negative baggage, allegations, innuendo and distrust.

And at the end of the day, a significant portion of the country is
going to be outright disgusted at the result.

Let the popcorn pop, the drinking games commence.

And the next day, let the rush for bottled water, tinned food and
Hazmat suits begin for the aggrieved.