Shut up, BIU

Here we freaking go again. The union isn't happy about an employer's actions, so instead of going through the proper legal actions, which include giving notice to strike, they say, screw y'all, we're downing tools immediately.

Who suffers most? Joe Public, of course. And Government needs to step in and impose penalties on the union for their behaviour in this matter. Which means that it probably won't happen.

You see, the public will get over this in a week or less. The union and their political influence, appeasing them is more critical.

It's just irresponsible all around.

Would you believe that the missus called the Public Transport Board this morning to find out if buses would run today? The answer was "nope, not until further notice," and in the background you could hear people laughing and chattering away.

How can one have sympathy for a group that revels in their actions that inconvenience the public in such a manner? Selfish bastards, the lot of them.