Drinking in school uniform

The other day I was a bit perplexed. Was on the ferry heading out from town and at Albouys' Point I saw a bunch of fellas congregated around the benches. It's the norm at that time of day for there to be quite a few. They tend to do the usual; talk, smoke, drink out of paper bags.

Then it was pointed out to me that one of the persons was wearing a school uniform.

In broad daylight.

Even weirder, of all the drinks that this wannabe tough guy was chugging before taking the arm of some young girl and walking off, it was a freakin Blue WKD. To each their own, naturally, but you'd expect the beverage of choice being passed around to be a Heineken or even an Amstel Light.

Back in my day (yes I'm sounding old), the kids who snuck beers or cigarettes, took pains to ensure that nobody could see them when they were drinking or smoking. After all, you could get into serious trouble with both the school *and* your parents if caught (not to mention the law).

Well, now we have a schoolkid in plain view of dozens at Albouy's Point and the Ferry Terminal chugging one back.

Quo Fata Ferunt.


Help Haiti if you can

I can't add anything to what the major news outlets have already covered, concerning the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this week.

But imagine.

Estimated 50,000 people dead.

It's nothing short of a tragedy. And we need to try to help as best we can.

As far as I'm concerned, anybody who can browse to this site, surely has the capacity to show and demonstrate compassion and generosity. Please donate if you can, to the Red Cross in your area or other organisations that can provide aid to this impoverished nation.

These are our fellow human beings.


More of the same sad news

Both our road fatality count and the gun shooting count have increased by one.

It's still January. My last post is already outdated.

And we have to add the reported shooting attempt the other day in Somerset, and the multiple serious traffic collisions recently.

Vexed Bermoothes believes that much of this can be traced to the erosion of the nuclear, two-parent, family. Kids aren't being raised as well as they could be, the influence of community and church is dimished greatly, and the fundamentals of being a productive citizen aren't learned.

I think there's great merit to this line of thought.

Red lights in Bermuda are just a suggestion (VII)

I haven't been on the bike much lately, but got me another example of the blatant breaking and don't-care attitude of our traffic laws - bike, 141 AJ, not only goes through the red on Burnaby to merge into Front Street traffic, but then proceeds to overtake cars on the inside.

Life goes on, I guess.


A LttE complaining about a TV commercial's impact

This is confusing.

According to this Gazette LttE, the letter writer firstly *admits* that they don't pay attention to TV commercials.

So CADA airs a public awareness announcement (it's basically an old 'commercial' that was produced by MTV, with different background song and labelling at the end) about drunk driving and it successfully served the purpose of catching his attention, and now he's complaining about the 'shock value'?

What the hell?

We need a little shock factor in our system, since our society is so damn apathetic to the dangers of driving while drunk. And since the only time most Bermudians are watching the same program is usually the Y&R-evening news-Oprah block, this is the best time to drive home the point to the general population at once.

Shoot, by this one single event and response, CADA has totally trumped everything that the Road Safety Council has. Well done.

Besides, young people aren't going to be traumatized by seeing someone wet their pants. Hell, it may actually stimulate conversation between the kids and their parents! As for a *gasp* thong on the air, there are surely more unpleasant things that come on the air before and afterwards. Substitute the thong shot with the proverbial "plumber's crack" and it's the same effect.

But perhaps he'd be happier if they just put up some happy smiley face telling the island to "just say no" to drinking and driving. Then he and the other 'average joes' can continue to ignore the commercials as usual.

Hit and run on a pedestrian crossing

Continuing the theme of lawlessness in the New Year, the Gazette reported on a pedestrian getting hit (first reported on ZBM) while *on a crosswalk* while the person who struck her *continued to drive on*.

I hope Mrs. Holder makes a speedy and successful recovery from this incident.

The person who drove the car ought to be dreadfully ashamed of himself for a myriad of reasons, primarily the total disrespect for a fellow human being that he injured.

Disgusting and detestable.

I hope they find him, name him and shame him, and lock him up for a long time.

I have to admire the husband who's shown great compassion and capability to forgive; he's made of far stronger stuff than the average person.


Thieves are SCUM

Serves me right for riding my bike to the ferry stop at Darrell's Wharf, I suppose. In this current climate, people will be lawless and will seize any opportunity to get something for themselves, regardless of how it negatively affects other people.

After getting off the ferry this evening, turns out someone stole BOTH (selfish twat, couldn't even save one for me) of my mirrors and may have been trying to take more than that.

Now this is the second time my bike's been tampered with (the first time, some scumbag hot-wired it for a joy-ride) but it doesn't lessen the anger at the low-lifes the second time around. On top of that, this incident has the additional effects of:
  • making me not want to use the bike, instead getting a car and add to the traffic and parking issues
  • turning me off from using public transport, because the parking bays of course have no security
Anyway, I have no sympathy for thieves and think they all deserve locking up. They disgust me.

Not off to a good start to the year, Bermuda

One road death, and one murder by gunfire.

Bermuda has work to do.