Checked out of political news

Sad to say, everything in Bermuda gets politicized. Terms like 'working together' or 'common goals' are mere rhetoric... specifically the type that only gets utilized in press conferences.

Everything is so freaking divisive, and I think the ruling party is the main instigator of this, as of late. Every single issue that is critical of the ruling party, is met with an attack of some sort, usually outright but sometimes more subtly. Yes, I get it, it's an election year, but all this "resetting the dial" talk has proven to be a load of baloney.

I can't speak for the majority of residents, but I would rather read about solutions and dialogue instead of attacking anybody who disagrees with any particular government policy. That said, my vote is still undecided but leaning towards a tin can. Seriously.


It's time for another service disruption, sorry public (yeah right)

The most powerful person in Bermuda isn't the Premier. It's not even the former Premier. It's the chief of the BIU.

It seems as though he's calling for some 'important' meeting that all members must attend, practically every month, without any regard for the people that need certain services.

And in true Bermudian tradition, when the meeting is called for at 10am, groups like the public transportation staff, they stop working at 9:15,... or earlier.

When challenged on why they're suspending service so early, the supervisor, a gruff bearded fellow (former driver, they must've promoted him) rudely replied with "It was on the news. Back by 12." That was his only message, repeated often. No suggestions of alternatives. No suggestions of calling taxis or minibuses. And these were mainly senior citizens and mothers with small children at the bus depot at this time, that he's treating with such disdain. "It was all over the news."

A lovely promotion for customer service, I dare say. Throw in some 'Buy Bermuda', too.

Well, I suppose the supervisor fella already "got his", so check ya later, old-timers.