Life at 40

Blogging, especially blogging about national or political topics, has fallen so far down my list of priorities this year it's not even funny.

Chalk it up to my expanded family taking an even greater chunk out of my time, or simply the growing frustration on how local and international issues have descended into shouting and gamesmanship, either works.

There's really very little energy left to care anymore, frankly. Let those who aren't as disenchanted continue the fight. And to be fair, objectively it all remains somewhat fascinating. For me though, nah.

Simply just not worth the effort. And that's probably fine, really. Why stress over it?


When merged companies don't talk to each other

Would you believe it, so my ISP merged with a cell phone provider, and
the very next billing invoice sent to me gets flagged as spam and is

You can't make this stuff up.

Ah, Bermuda internet.


Cue the Empire Strikes Back music - US Elections edition

It's probably cliche to describe this as the most pivotal date in the
history of the United States, but good lord, has there ever been a
more contemptuous period of time in American presidential politics?

You have from the two major political parties, people surrounded by
heaps of negative baggage, allegations, innuendo and distrust.

And at the end of the day, a significant portion of the country is
going to be outright disgusted at the result.

Let the popcorn pop, the drinking games commence.

And the next day, let the rush for bottled water, tinned food and
Hazmat suits begin for the aggrieved.


OBA's Cabinet shuffle-de-doo

The first thing that struck me about the latest Government Cabinet swap-a-roonie:

That quote...
There are more important things to deal with in Bermuda right now, it seems, but it remains telling that all the hoopla about SAGE in the first place has turned into virtually nil. Another pile of reports and suggestions to gather dust somewhere.

Like everything else around this place, lather, rinse, repeat.


Scam from the World Bank, IMF, UN - must be legit

Clearly it *has* to be legit if the email is claiming to be from
big-name influential organisations... never mind that the sender is
from a completely unofficial-looking email address...

(OHCHR) has investigated why you have not yet received your funds

The World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have
issued an irrevocable payment guarantee in your favor today.read

[nice handy dandy PDF attachment for your review]

Go ahead, troopers, get your cash.


When germs strike

Yes, there's a ton of stuff happening in Bermuda. Legislating same-sex
unions, immigration bills, and even Corporation of Hamilton again
trying to sneak in parking fees for motorbikes...

But what really grinds my gears, has to do with large groups of kids
and parents and me now feeling under the weather. Thanks, School
Sports Days. I wonder if the PTA can suggest mandatory hand sanitizers
all over the grounds during these events?

I'm actually totally serious here.


OBA shooting themselves in the foot? Um, no kidding

Well, it now looks like everyone except the OBA inner circle and fervent unyielding online cheerleaders recognizes that their policies, approach and method of delivering messages, are going to lead to a (heavy?) defeat at the next general election.

The only thing funnier is that the online cheerleaders continue to make excuses or belittle the electorate, instead of finding out why the OBA suffers from a trust deficit.

It would take some massive changes in approach or results to change the political tide here. And no, this doesn't mean that suddenly the PLP has the trust of the majority of people. It's again just one of those 'lesser of two evils' things, unfortunately.


Of bulk shopping in Bermuda

Recently another warehouse-style shopping facility opened in Bermuda, and people flocked by the hundreds to scope out the goods for sale. Even though there was currently another facility within a mile, there seemed to be a market for another similar shopping experience.

How long will it last, who knows.

It's a bit interesting in this day and age, and the way the local economy has gone, that people are still content with the limited shopping paradigms here. You have your regular grocery stores and 'super' markets, and bulk shopping for when you want barrels of mayo or kool aid mix (and of course, more practical products like paper towels or diapers).

However I'm a bit surprised that nobody's yet floated the idea of a membership shopping place. Similar to your Costco, or Sam's Club, that particular business model seems like more of a sure thing than yet another bulk shopping facility.

Purely spitballing, of course.

It could very well be that our limited population and potential reluctance to trying new things out could already be a huge red flag to any potential investors, and current store owners may be content to stick with the status quo if they're earning tidy profits.


About beaches: Shelly Bay

I grew up in the Shelly Bay area, so have had keen interest in this project to restore the property at the public beach and park and create a viable business venture.

After wading through the usual politicking from the various political cheerleaders, it appears that it comes down to one main issue, that's the creation of a car park adjacent to the existing (public) playground. Middle ground is achievable, but will it happen or will one or the other parties at play get railroaded instead, derailing the project altogether?

Hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised. Come on, Bermuda. Get it together.