Move Bermuda Day holiday

This petition has gathered steam extremely quickly. Basically, the suggestion is to change from the fixed date of 24th May, to a variable similar to US Memorial Day, Good Friday, etc.

I think it has merit, for one, it'll focus attention to the actual holiday vs just calling it "May 24th". I think that having it be the fourth Friday in May versus the last Friday would be preferable, mainly because it will give a bit more space between it and the June National Heroes Day holiday in situations where the last Friday is on the 28th or later.

Who'd have thunk, something that just *might* transcend politics, for once.


Bermuda's Premier resigns

After two meetings on Saturday and Sunday among the OBA MPs, it looked like things may have simmered politically for the time being.

But nope, instead we have the Premier of Bermuda resigning tonight, lending another chapter to the so-called 'Jetgate' event that's clouded Bermuda to some degree over recent months.

The storm isn't over by any means, however.


Digesting Jamahl Simmons's commentary

I think political mountains are being made of molehills when it comes to recent twitter statements from the (former) PR man for the PLP.

Recent tweets included:
If you are excluded from the society what do you care if society burns? You aint a part of it anyway. It might even be fun to watch it burn
What would happen if we stopped shooting each other and started putting bullets in the heads of those who hate us and won't hire us?
I think the inference from some quarters that he's inciting violence is misguided at best based on the above. Rather, he's pointed out a reality for at least a few Bermudians who may feel without hope in this economic and societal climate, and that for them, even if it's an illegal or immoral option, breaking the law via theft (or worse) becomes a realistic possibility.

These statements are the kinds of things that could be real sentiments of the out-of-work out-of-hope individuals, and should be taken into consideration by the powers that be when enacting policy. A country that has greater employment is one that is likely to have fewer instances of crime.

Government needs to ensure that they're trying to improve the jobs situation, through policy, education and dare I say it, better PR.

And all this, is without even going into the allegations laid out and commented on from Politica's inaugural report. That alone, is certain to invite deep discussion on the island for the next few days.

At least, until the "This too shall pass" moment comes around again.


Marketing 101: Use this phrase

Maybe it's just me, but I'm seeing tons of marketing campaigns, sometimes among rival companies, and often piggybacking off previously used-and-discarded ones, all using variations of the slogan "Get More".

It's extra-noteworthy for me when I see the two mobile phone companies each using that slogan this year. Maybe they share the same Marketing department?

The whole thing seems a bit unoriginal, but then again I'm not a Marketing guy. It's probably proven that people are responsive to ads telling people that buying their service or product will get them extra value for money. Just hit them with "more, more, more" and the dollars will roll in, heh.

Just a random observation for today.


The People's Manifesto

Appropriately, perhaps, a 'new' pressure group/labour movement marched on Parliament today and presented a document known as the "People's Manifesto" to Government.

A lot of people are frustrated with the lack of impetus on improving the job market by the current Government, despite efforts by Government MPs to suggest that progress is being made. I think it's still early enough in the OBA's tenure to say clearly if job prospects and opportunities have improved overall, as the economy still seems stagnant at best, and we're still faced with uncertainty with regards to tourism, casino gambling, the threats of industrial action, etc.

I've preemptively declared this group above as a labour movement based on the contents of their manifesto. This is mainly due to the suggested calls for a minimum wage, union membership for all, universal healthcare among others, in this document.

The request which will raise the most eyebrows (and red flags?), naturally, is the suggestion of income tax (point 2 in document). Bermuda's tax regime for so long has used a consumption model, so the thought of introducing income tax could provide grave concerns from most notably, the international business community.

Nothing definitively wrong with the suggestions in their entirety as presented of course, and pressure groups are more than entitled to declare their priorities.

I expect however, this combined with a fair number of the principals behind this movement to be strong PLP supporters (including a union chief), will lead to this being labelled an indirect offshoot of the Opposition party, and serving the effect of blasting the ruling Government from two sides, and potentially just leading to more of the same pettiness that we see in Bermuda politics... instead of a purely party-independent pressure organization with the potential to make each of the current political parties take notice and work harder to recognize and help solve the real concerns facing Bermuda.

Early days yet, still, of course.