Red lights are just a suggestion - special edition

This was a weird one today. Par-la-ville Road headed to Front Street, this guy on a rental bike (but almost certainly a local) reaches the red light.

In a moment of ingenuity (ie unnecessary dopiness, but whatever, right Bermuda's powers that be?), the guy hopped off the bike, walked it past the light and around the corner, then hopped back on, riding away into traffic.

It was such an unneeded maneuver, I caught up to him less than half a minute later.

Anyway, Booking deserved (O 062) however it doesn't mean much since it was a rental scooter.


Arm the Police, pow pow

I'm in support of the recent decision to introduce tasers to the Police here. It may be unfortunate that we've reached this point, but it's imperative that the police officers be equipped with ways to overcome a criminal who may be in possession of a firearm.

There are guns on this island, and too many of them to boot. Robbery is at a high level, assaults are constant and with the shootings happening on a fairly regular basis, I don't think we had much choice. A baton and some pepper spray versus someone with a gun?

Sure it may be disconcerting to see officers with them on the street, but I figure that if you've got nothing to hide, then you shouldn't have anything to fear, either. Here's to hoping that the police officers get trained up efficiently and effectively. And if even the sight of a taser will dissuade a potential crook from causing damage, then that can be seen as a positive thing.


Grow up, PLP

Tonight on the Let's Talk programme, Minister of Education El James wound up being the latest PLP senior member to say something along the lines of him not reading the Gazette and thus not being in the know about certain things said.

When will the governing party stop their petty crusade against the only daily? I get it, you don't like it. However you're doing everyone a disservice by claiming to not be aware of what the Gazette produces.

Until the Workers' Voice (or another entity) becomes the most popular news source on the island, please cut the crap.


Bermuda's dumbest TV commercials

You know, I get what Marketplace tries to do with their ads showing how much they save, however it's very hard to believe that this person is a random customer when they have their big-ass "I work at the Marketplace" badge front and center.

I mean, please. The director of those clips should be ashamed. Wish there was a clip online to show the world the ineptness of these ads.


Wishing ill fortune (reckless riders edition)

I see this guy on a black bike swoop onto Keith Hall Road (cutting the corner), then proceed to accelerate. The bike is super loud. And as if he wasn't annoying enough, he pulls a wheelie all the way up the hill. I really wanted him to slide on a oil spot or something. Yeah I know I'm bad. But anyway, watch out for BM539, its rider clearly doesn't give a crap about road safety.

Yeah, I know few people care, but it's certain irritants that linger.

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There's been a big, overblown, hullabaloo over the 'Bermudians-only' IB employees meeting hosted by the Minister of Public Safety, but when I read about there being damn wristbands to identify the attendees, I had to laugh.

Whoops, I guess the Budget's already overrun.

It doesn't get much sillier than that, but in the pettiness that is Bermuda politics, it shouldn't surprise a soul.

Devil Island is on the same wavelength as I am on this topic, while Politics.bm and Vexed offer useful commentary.


Good Friday shooting

Most people know the significance of Good Friday in the Christian religions, and by default that means most of the Bermudian population are aware of it.

How can it be, that in what I think is the most callous and brazen incident I've ever heard about happening in Bermuda, today on Good Friday, somebody went to Victor Scott Primary school field, where lots of kids and their parents were enjoying kite flying, and then chose to shoot someone, murdering them?

That's right. On one of the most religious holidays of the year, on school property, where lots of people including small children were congregated, someone shot and killed another human being.

If this is not the bonafide, no doubt #1 ISSUE facing the island, way above $800K reviews of the City Corporations or changing the gambling laws, then something's immensely wrong.
If CrimeStoppers and the Police aren't getting any assistance from the public (as hinted here), then this country is truly doomed.

The powers that be, including the public, must do everything in their power to stop the madness and the anarchy.