My first voyeuristic experience

Wow. Totally by accident, I was looking out the window when I saw a couple have an argument, watched them get into a car, and after much hand-gesturing on the guy's part (and bewilderment at why the woman was sitting there taking such stick), saw first an arm slip underneath the seat for a few minutes, then both parties migrate to the back seat. Next thing you know, the car was bouncing in that way obvious to everyone that intercourse was under way. It was just bizarre to see this happening in a public place, during the time that evening rush hour was occurring. I mean, the car had tinted windows but still.

Afterwards, both parties returned to the front seat and the argument seemed to resume in some fashion. The man appeared to be pleading a case of some sort to the woman who just seemed distraught. But why was she taking the seeming verbal diatribes, then turn around and screw the guy, then come back and go back to where it all began?

It was a weird episode, but that's not the crux of this. Why was this fascinating to me? I have heard of voyeurs and the like but didn't pay it any real mind. Maybe you have to see it to know how compelling the scenario I described was.

Sex in a car in a public place is one thing... this, was a bit disturbing. But I don't know the situation at hand and ought to reserve judgement, right?

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