Why would a church body put money to this

When there's gun violence in Bermuda, the most we hear from major figures from Christian faiths is the suggestion that they have National Days of Prayer.

When there's an issue of equal rights for gay people, the protests are often far greater... now up to the point where a major PR campaign is put together by said church bodies.

All I can think is that for all the money it took to not only have a website built, but also put together TV, radio and print advertisements, they could have made some major impact on initiatives that address things that are actually harmful.

Cue that Kermit and tea-sipping meme.


Carrots and sticks, reloaded (road safety)

So the extent of the police's strategy in 2015 for road safety appears to be a purely carrot-based approach, with this whole 'MAN' thing. The police for their part appears to be quite chuffed that they handed out 2300 of these Motorist advice notices to the motorists violating traffic laws.

If they're seriously going to use this as a barometer of success, then they're really out of touch.

Success is fewer infractions, not fewer *ticketed* infractions. It is the changing of our driving culture, not a bunch of 'MANs'. Goodness.

Carrot time is over. Bring on the stick already. Stop mollifying bad and dangerous drivers.


Tumult all around

Kind of wish I had that seven hundred bucks to throw into that stress-management seminar right about now.

Some people are also posting online that it's Mental Health Awareness month or something, and it's probably most appropriate where I'm concerned.

Mind you, since we still live in the Age of Who Cares, and the lack of empathy among ourselves appears to be at an all-time low (both in Bermuda, and overseas), a lot of it all becomes empty words. Remember, we're supposed to be able to handle stress, but we're encouraged to 'put a smile on it' or 'never let them see you sweat' at the office or during home life. Put on the mask. 'fake it til' you make it', never show or express any personal bad vibes.

Until the inevitable breakdown.