My 2007 Hope-To-Do List

  1. I've been asked to build two websites already. I hope to accomplish that, and wouldn't it be a cool acomplishment to get that done (under the Beachlime banner) before the end of January?
  2. Revitalise the Forums. I had problems maintaing them and making them grow because of all the spambot attacks. If I can decide on an identity (ie Bermuda-centric, Caribbean-centric, personal or all-encompassing) then I'll have some motivation to proceed with a relaunch.
  3. Follow my damn heart and instinct for once :-)
  4. Get my ass in the damn gym already
  5. Car? Ought to even if just for the occasional drive.
  6. Save properly
  7. Put more effort into developing my career, especially if it involves opportunities abroad
  8. Enjoy life more, and spend less time worrying about ifs and buts
  9. Help somebody in an unfortunate situation. I mean, like Haiti-poor, not "I need a new dress"-poor.
  10. Try to be healthy physically and mentally. That probably includes getting sleep at night :-)


End of Saddam Hussein

They went ahead and executed the former Iraqi president this morning. It's probably the most significant news story of the year, and the ramifications of this are bound to be felt for quite a few years. How will the citizens of the country react? And what about Saddam's former allies and countries that oppose the U.S. and Britain?

In something closer to home, I was reading the Nation online and came across a thought-provoking letter from a David Gittens who proposed a permanent change in local time for Barbados. With daylight starting at around 5 each morning and ending around 5:30/6 in the evening I would be in favour of moving clocks ahead an hour, a move that would save a lot of money in terms of electricity bills. Of course there are potential issues with not being in sync with other Eastern Caribbean nations, and it does nothing to change the fact that in the spring and summer while North America and Europe push their clocks ahead an hour and Barbadians would still need to adjust in terms of travel and financial trading. But I'd like to see that issue debated.

Oh, and I just saw this after I posted, but yep, I have to update yesterday's (29th) post as someone else just died on the roads. While I don't know for certain, I think that puts Bermuda at 13 for the year. Barbados, I think, is currently at 14. And to think that Bermuda has better roads, better serviced vehicles on average and a far smaller population. Sad.

Unruly behaviour in Barbados

This is one of the worst things I have ever read, and perhaps the most shameful thing that I have heard about pertaining to Barbadians. For people to storm a store, breaking things just to get a chance at a huge discount, is nothing short of disgusting. Criminal charges should be laid on as many people as possible known to have caused that.

I read Limey in Bermuda a fair bit, but this issue up for debate here is maybe the most controversial in that what started as a question on if a chef was deported without due process, has resulted in clear battle lines being drawn and it's unfortunate that it becomes a political party thing and worse a race thing when it really shouldn't be. There's a lot of bad blood and harsh comments in this particular thread. Problem is there are some who have exhibited some kind of petty superiority complex issues and I do fear that the only Bermuda blog that discusses events near and dear to everyone, is now pigeon-holed into a biased discussion arena where only one line of thinking is "right".


Catching up slowly

Sorry for the delay, so much I have wanted to blog about over the past two weeks but things have been reasonably busy since my return from vacation. I'll post things over the next couple of days, perhaps even through New Year's.

I have been watching my good friend's cats while she's on vacation, and I realise that (a) cats do like to eat, (b) cats really like to laze off, (c) cats poop more than I thought. I think one of them is a true female version of Garfield.

This Christmas here went by pretty uneventfully. As far as I know nobody got killed on the roads (although someone may have came close), but New Year's is around the corner anyway. Oh yeah, I need to resolve to not be so morbid about our poor drivers in 2007...


It's a Roundabout, not a Stopabout

Seriously, when you're driving bus 2K404 along South Shore road Saturday afternoon, you are not supposed to stop in the middle of the roundabout to let your bus-driving buddy enter the roundabout. It's dangerous and counter-productive to how a roundabout is supposed to make the traffic flow easier.


Watch out! Tidal Wave!

I meant to recap my time in Barbados with my first post after returning, then wanted to mention my stupid actions at the gas pump on Friday, but I think I have a better tale to tell.

Tsunami! Run for your lives! Somehow word got out that large waves were seen breaking off the reefs and that led to rumours that a giant wave was going to crash into Bermuda spreading across the phone lines. And eventually the information presented to law enforcement was not authenticated in any way, and the result was a haphazard evacuation process that was not communicated to the public by radio or TV or even a truck with a megahorn giving any warnings.

What does it mean? Firstly that Bermudians are gullible and don't like to confirm things. No wonder scam artists thrive here. Look for us to be further embarrassed in the global arena once word gets around.