Forza Azzuri

Congratulations to Italy on winning arguably the most coveted trophy in sports, the World Cup. While they may have been fortunate to squeak past the Aussies in the round of 16, they bulit up momentum and in my opinion, are worthy champions.

The summer sports bonanza is not yet over, as the Stanford 20-20 cricket tournament has gotten under way. Sure it's not going to be noticed outside of the Caribbean, but I tell you this, from what I've seen so far I'm excited. I got my first taste of 20-20 cricket at the World 20-20 Classic held in Bermuda earlier in the year and this version of the sport I'm sure will garner attention and interest in the game as a whole.

Unfortunately, things in Bermuda aren't going too great. We had back-to-back road traffic fatalities and the other night another collision led to a couple of people in hospital. I'm convinced; people will not listen to calls to slow down and be more cautious.

Another disturbing thing is this incident involving a man of Portuguese descent being attacked by youths after watching the World Cup semifinal at a popular bar/restaurant. It goes beyond disturbing and despicable. I hope they catch the guys and put them away for a long time.

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