Web Wonders

I'm currently debating whether to invest my time in throwing in some XML components to the new website. I've already spent quite a bit of time working on a PHP-mySQL service for some of my webpages, and what I may do is take a chance and do both. It can only help my overall web programming knowledge, I believe.

My primary web browser has changed from IE6 (which crashes every time I accept an ActiveX control) to Mozilla Firefox, and as expected, certain things render differently between the two browsers. It is helpful in the sense that I can design webpages with both browsers in mind, but it's frustrating to see a change that makes the page appear better in one and worse in the other. Yep, it's a CSS issue, alright.

And if you're a casual reader with no knowledge of the terms XML, PHP, CSS, etc, I apologize. I'm in a techie-kind-of-mood right now. Let's just say I'm trying to make the webpages look better for everyone.


Not easy being a rider

Admittedly, I've only been riding the bike (motorscooter in case you're asking) for a year and a half, but I'm amazed at a couple of things...
1. Smokescreen attacks - yep, when you're behind some diesel-pumping, carbon monoxide-producing fume machine, I tell you... talk about a quick way to get emphesema.
2. Flying bugs. Travelling in your face at 50kph+... ugh.
3. Something I'm surprised more accidents haven't come from, if you're behind one of those drivers that smokes and uses their window as the ashtray (Hello! You have an ashtray in your car! Dumbass!), and you can see the sparks flying up at you and I wonder if any of them have gotten caught in someone's eyes. I know, I sound like Andy Rooney now, but wait for...
4. I've gotten splashed a couple of times by errantly-flying windshield-wiper fluid. Who designed those things so that the spray flies right over the roof of the car and all the way back into my face? Ugh. Another thing I wonder about regarding causing possible accidents.

I know, I'm overthinking, but still...


So the current Beachlime Status.

Well Currently attlee.beachlime.com is in full swing. DAG is working on his own steath secret program. but i would garner to say that at the end of the Year, beachlime will be going in full flow. I think we are gonna have to light a bunsen under ACE so he can get something, ANYTHING postable. Even if it is a blogger contributor link on all pages. or pictures. or ANYTHING.

In speaking to DAG the other day, it appears that he's got some plans so let me not take up his space and let him respond. Peace out!


Attleeboy arrives!

Hey everyone. Wee!!!

Alright. DAG has invited me to his Blog and here i am. Hopefully we can connect this with beachlime so we can have fun with this. This is Attleeboy from Barbados and i am 28 :D


So this is a blog...

I've signed up with this Blogger service for the time being until I get the new site under way, at which time I may have a custom one set up, unless this thing proves to be beyond excellent and I stick with it. Should be interesting, at least.

What the devil is wrong with motorists? Seriously, if government wants to make some extra bucks quickly, they'd have no problem with flagging motorists for all the law-breaking they do on a regular day. From illegal turns, not giving way, for never using their indicator lights, treating pedestrians like crap, I'd take some of these jokers to the Bank for all they're worth. Seriously (yeah, twice in one paragraph, please don't sue me).