My dyslexic buddies' websites

I don't know why it took me so long to promote thaunderground.net, a site partially produced by my good buddy Kevin. Possibly because it's about hip hop and other forms of music (and reading *about* music and music artists bores me to death), but anyway. Visit there sometime if you're one of the 99% who actually cares.

One of my new co-workers is the designer of vybezalliance.com, a very well-done website (using Dreamweaver along with Flash) with cool-looking components. He's a part-time DJ and could be on the verge of having his own enterprise, so to speak. There's music, videos, model gallery (!) and other featurettes.

The connection? Somewhere, it became cool to misspell words and phrases. Again, when one person does it, it's "fresh" and "intriguing". But everybody's doing it nowadays. So it's more played out than anything, in my opinion. Unfortunately innovation is a dying art around these parts, everyone thinking they're re-inventing the wheel when they're really just being lemmings.

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