Thinking ahead to a birthday

I was chatting with a friend at work today and the subject of my age came up. I'll be thirty later this year. Yikes. I asked a couple of people what they did on their thirtieth birthday. Responses ranged from first-time sex with their future spouse to simple tours in a foreign country.

I think I know which I'd rather prefer. Birthday sex... mmm.


Portugal defeated England in a World Cup quarterfinal, and predictably there was much celebrating along Front Street. Brazil stumbled mightily and lost to France, meaning that the last four teams all hail from Europe. Not good if you believe that the power base of the sport was shifting to the less-heralded nations. Ah well. I've cast my lot with the Germans to triumph now.

Also, there was a drive-by shooting incident in Bermuda recently. Don't know the full details but it's pretty sickening to hear that such things happen in this little island. And for some odd reason, crimes involving gunplay often don't get solved...

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