Apologies, but there's so much drama

I have been out of action this past two weeks because of an eye infection that's more of an irritant than actual injury. It gets to the point where I cannot look at a screen for too long, I've had to miss a couple of days from work, and the worst part about that is that because it's an eye issue, I can't even pass the time by reading, watching TV, or going outside to hang up clothes or do yard work.

I'm schduled to be taking some new super-strength combo of eye-drops for the next three weeks now. Sigh. But at least I'm not going 'under the knife', right? What this also means is that I'm going to be doubtful to watch Cup Match this year, and I have no idea if I'll be any good to participate in any more flag football games (my team made the playoffs, yay!)

As insult to injury, since the Blackout of 2005, I've been unable to sign on to the Net from home so can't check e-mail or sports scores or anything like that. Maybe that's for the best as I'd be off the home PC. But still. Finally get some unlimited access (still dial-up, mind you), and I couldn't even enjoy that for the past couple weeks.

Maybe I can get someone else to post until I'm 100% again. Volunteers?


About the London terrorist attack

Bermuda's qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup was tempered
mightily by the news of the tragedy in London. The Royal Gazette front page
illustrates the contrast with a split page view of the top news stories in
the island.

I have friends and work collegaues that live and work in the London area
so that event hit a little closer to home. I've travelled on bus and on
the Underground. Whoever was responsible for orchestrating this, they're
completely deranged. I hope they're caught. There is no justification
whatsoever for committing such a crime against so many innocents.