They need to update the gov.bm Bus fees page

Here's the page.

Up to date as of 1994. Nineteen ninety four.

Seriously. Government employs 80% of the island's workforce (my exaggeration) yet they can't keep certain web pages up-to-date? WTF?

Who knows what else is outdated on that behemoth of a Goverment website?


PLP thrashes opposition in poll

Kind of fascinating... indeed.

68% of those polled are not happy with how things are going in the country.
63% think the economy is going in the wrong direction.
8% think the economic conditions here are 'good'.

However, 49% of those polled will vote for the incumbent leadership if a General Election happens tomorrow, compared to a combined 17% for the two opposition parties.

I suppose you could infer several things from the results of the polls (aside from the usual statistical questions):
  • The opposition parties are just not viable enough or recognizable enough (the party leaders got 21 and 50% "not sure" favor-ability rating, compared to 7% for the PLP leader)
  • The public believes that things like the economic conditions, are not the fault of the ruling party or that the ruling party is better equipped to deal with them than the others
  • Allegiances to party remain strong as ever in this divided community
Personally, I'd like to meet the 20% of people who think things are great in Bermuda and the economy is moving in the right direction. Because unless they're auto repair folks, I'd like to know how they're faring.