Cable TV is a necessity

Once upon a time, cable TV was a luxury item in Bermuda. It was a perk, a treat. But now it's almost equivalent to groceries and gas. People go bonkers if their cable TV is gone. I missed the boat on this, maybe because my folks weren't bothered to join the craze when it first started and when I went to Barbados subscription TV again was only for the well-to-do and as such, I never had a chance to experience and then get attached.

So I missed the boat and still think that cable TV is not a necessity. There's at least one soul out there that tends to agree with me - I would like to have a special sports package on cable but if I don't have it, heck I can always go to a sports bar if I need to.

I will say this though - if your cable TV bill exceeds your groceries bill for the month, then something's got to give.

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