When managing stress is stressful

In Already-Obvious News, a visiting consultant pointed out that stress at the workplace is growing. Shocking.

So, he's running some seminars on stress next month to apparently provide companies and individuals with tools to manage and deal with it.

At $700 a person to attend these seminars ($600 for members of the CPA), surely that's out of reach for those persons likely suffering under the most stress as a result of being overworked or unemployed in the first place. Ho hum. Score a point on the ol' irony-meter.


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 40

It's been over 140 days since my injury, and it's been 40 days since the cast came off. Crazy, when I look back at things. Right now, I have the semblance of a calf again, at least the massage therapist agrees so. Have only used a crutch for balance purposes, really. Have even occasionally walked down the stairs with only the railing for assistance.

Found a pretty nice blog of another person's journey through Achilles recovery, it's good to remember that others have gone through similar experiences and that we can learn something about the recovery process. I'm really enjoying looking at his exercise notes and chart, as I'm hoping to find out ways to incorporate cardio workouts, without of course risking damaging my ankles. I've heard that weight training shouldn't be overlooked, so maybe it's a matter of getting to a gym (or maybe, getting some resistance band-based workouts set up) and doing what I can.


I'm flattered (scam)

These are probably the oldest variety of scam, I imagine. The ones where a mysterious stranger shows interest in you and wants to get to know you better. Probably successful at trapping younger, single and lonely folks, but it's still a scam nonetheless. Don't fall for it.
Hello My Dear, Good day My name is Mary, i am Female (never married) i got your email address at Facebook, Also i got interested on you after going through your profile on Facebook when i was searching for a friend, i hope you wouldn't mind? so many people misunderstand this life but to me i see it as a race which can only be won with combined efforts, i will like you to respond to me so that i will explain my purpose of contacting you and also send you my picture for you to know whom i am. i believe we can start from here. I am waiting for your response, Remember that distance or color does not matter but agape love to each other matters a lot in life, have a nice day as i wait your reply, thanks
Love may be blind, but it surely doesn't abuse capital "I"s.


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 28

Haaaate these doctor appointments. Had a 10:15am appointment at the fracture clinic - it's 10:52 when I figure that this is sheer madness. I'm in the waiting room alongside several others who are having 10:30 appointments. What the hell? What is it with these places that figure that their patients have all the time in the world, with no other commitments to make, to sit around growing grass around their ankles, all for a doctor to eventually glance at the injured spot, mumble a few lines then send you on your way? So, after rescheduling the appointment for next week, I ended up merely wasting twenty bucks worth of cab fare money for a little bit of sightseeing. Thanks, doc. HAAATE.


Online scam, green card edition

Some of us may have seen online banners talking about getting green cards, even if we have no intention whatsoever of emigrating to the US. But I hadn't gotten an e-mail scam attempt pretending to offer a green card until today:
Dear costumer, Congratulations! Your application for the U.S. citizenship is ready to be approved. You have the opportunity to be authorized to live and work in the USA as a lawful permanent resident. The Green Card is going to be prepared for you in 1 month. The unique number of your application is via-262. Follow this link http://[FAKE LINK].com.br/[FAKE LINK] to finish the registration procedure. Please pay attention to the fact that the period of time for you to finish the registration is limited. Yours faithfully, Visa Center Support Service
The funniest part of this attempt is that this supposed "Green Card" service is operating from somewhere with a *Brazil* domain, based on the URL that they want me to click on. Don't even mind the misspelled words or the fact that I didn't even ask for a green card, that's minor at this stage. Just follow the link and we'll get hooked right up...

And, most likely, they'll want to finish up the processing by obtaining our phone number, mailing address and probably some credit card information to handle a 'processing fee' or the like. What could go wrong? Seamless, right?

Don't do it, folks. The scammers are everywhere, and they're persistent.


Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 26

When it comes to getting the hoof back in shape, I'm feeling positive, although when I count the days, it's like, holy cow I've been out of action for *how long*?...

I think I'm close to a point where I can ditch the crutches and can probably get away with maybe just a cane for support/balance, we'll see what the doctor recommends later this week. Physio's coming along fine, the stretching seems to work, I think I'm even seeing a development of a calf muscle (well the little bump anyway). Of course the physio seems quite delighted to knead my calf with a rolling pin like he's baking the largest pie in Bermuda.

There's a light at the end of this tunnel, no doubt...