Blogosphere adjustments

Some shifts in local blogs to report - when I'm back on my home PC I will need to adjust my blog bar, but just want to point out this new blog, Freshie, written by a one-time candidate for Parliament.

Really like the right-side recent blog posts feed he's established. Wonder if I have that option with Blogger? Anyway looking forward to continued reading.


Bermuda supporting U.W.I. education

This is quite interesting to me, as a U.W.I. graduate, to read that Government will contribute to the University of the West Indies and allow for Bermudian students to only pay about 20% of the cost.

Vexed Bermoothes has already weighed in, and I know that this will be a well-discussed item over the next couple of days. I do believe that there is a trend in Bermuda to label Caribbean products as inferior, and that extends to education; I have no such delusions. U.W.I. as a tertiary institution of learning offers a variety of quality programmes that can produce a graduate with skills on par or above that of most universities. Medicine, law, agriculture, economics, chemistry, languages, you name it.

That said, I can see the concerns that why is the Government funding a specific university instead of funding students who are pursuing tertiary education regardless of the chosen school. I think that's the specific argument of V.B., and that it's a movement to integrate Bermuda more closely with CARICOM, which again is looked down upon by many people here.

When I was in high school, about to take GCSEs, we had all kinds of brochures delivered to us. Acadia and Dalhousie and Mt. St. Vincent. American colleges in Georgia and Maryland. Even Southern Cal. Why wasn't U.W.I. an option? Inferiority presumption? Even though the cultural shift may in some aspects have been easier for students to deal with?


Football, the spelling thereof

For unknown reasons, Americans are trying to be politically correct with the rest of the world and allowing for "soccer" to be also referred to as "futbol".

Not football. Futbol. Must be a way of reaching out to their Latino residents. Notwithstanding the fact that the sport remains "football" to those of us in English-speaking countries and not some forced Spanish hybrid.

Speaking of Spanish stuff, how about Rafa Nadal... Brilliant match to win the Wimbledon title against Roger Federer.

Congrats to Bermuda's men's cricket team on their first win in the Intercontinental Cup, against Canada. Hopefully it'll be the start of a winning trend for the guys and inspire the public to again support the team in good numbers.


We're an ungrateful bunch of people ya know

This goes out to all the young diva chicks and men in suits who assume that because I'm holding the door, they're entitled to flow through without so much as an acknowledgment, as if I consider it an honour to be their gofer or something. Ungracious people, hmph.

This isn't a new thing, but I'm seeing it a bit more nowadays on the street, that's the obscuring of licence plates on motorbikes. Either the kryptonite lock or another helmet is strategically placed so it covers up the licence plate, which is illegal of course. You only see it on certain bikes (read: Yamaha V50/80) usually ridden by young fellas. Which means the bike's either unregistered or stolen. No way to read the plate, no way to tell the status.

Police have begun some form of blitz to nail down traffic offenders, but of course they won't be catching the V50 hounds, because they're not going to be knifing through rush-hour traffic, obviously. Pity that Government's still done absolutely zero in the road traffic department this year. Sponsoring a public awareness campaign doesn't cut it.


What is our government doing anyway?

Even this is disturbing. The lines shouldn't be blurred between the official Government and whatever political party has control of Parliament.

Meanwhile, many of the promised initiatives by the ruling party remain in that promised state. Are we going to be waiting until a year before the next election to see them in action?