Sympathy lost over cell phone abuse

So the morning after the near miss that I blogged yesterday, I see the same truck on Harbour Road. Same driver, this time he's got the cell phone lodged to his ear.


ABC News had a story on last night's World News programme that dealt with texting on the cell phone while driving and the risks that it poses.

At least it's being discussed seriously at the government level. Here, it's allegedly being discussed behind the scenes (yeah right) but has failed to get much traction at the House of Assembly level.

Fact is that this is being ingrained into our driving culture and the powers that be are just as guilty of poor driving habits as the community at large, hence nothing is being done. We shouldn't need a new law prohibiting texting while driving or having cell phones wedged into our helmets while riding, but we're so damn pathetic and lack common sense that we absolutely need such a law to be implemented (and enforced) for us, to save ourselves from our stupidity and carelessness.

You know what else I saw this morning? A fella, riding BG 875, riding one-handed with cell phone lodged to his ear, overtaking traffic.

Carry on, Bermuda.

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