Advertising overkill

There was a LttE in the Gazette today that asked the question of why East Broadway is now a regular series of live billboards.

It's been going on for a pretty long time now, and it seems that it's at least a weekly activity to hawk some product or service. The worst offenders (or most persistent users of this method of advertising) are the mobile phone companies: Digihell, M3 and CellularOne. Although during the summer we had a close-to-scandalous one by a motorcycle company that featured a heap of bikes parked along the meridian with a bevy of girls wearing short shorts posing in the oh-so-obvious sex-sells way.

The whole thing is pretty tasteless, but this country has one of the highest ratios of mobile phones per capita on the planet. The shameless advertising is going to continue unchecked until someone causes a ten car pileup by ogling one of the beauties and smashing into something.

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