Red lights in Bermuda are just a suggestion (II)

I can't believe (or rather, I shouldn't be surprised) that this happened yet again and that I could very well have nearly been a statistic this morning.

Same junction, this time though I'm at the exit of Point Pleasant Road (the road that goes around the Bank of Bermuda big-ass building). I watch traffic while I wait. I see the pedestrian light for my road has just gone red which means that soon it's time to go green. I think to myself, how many drivers are going to try to beat the light.

Two cars and a bike do so just before my light turns green. So I head out, looking to my right to make sure nothing else is plowing me down.

Yep, some bitch in a blue SUV has run (badly!) the red light and is maybe 4 yards away from me. I'm in disbelief, laughing to myself at the fact that people treat red lights as a suggestion rather than the freaking law.

I tried to look behind to get the licence number but no such luck. Why can't we have officers monitoring this area? Idiot drivers surely aren't going to listen to a private citizen, that's for sure.

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Phil said...

Drives me nuts as well. Most mornings I have to wait to cross the junction of Church Street and Par-La-Ville Road in Hamilton. Almost every single time, someone jumps the red light. Cameras + automated fines + ban on relicencing your car if you have outstanding fines is the only way anything will change.