One track mind philosophy

Recently, a young man was in court accused of offensive profanity towards a cop, resisting arrest and other charges.

To me, reading the article highlighted some disturbing trends among segments of Bermuda's youth. They include:
  • People getting drunk and preparing to ride a bike
  • young people showing no respect for authority (the police)
  • young people using profanity and racial epithets
  • young people feeling entitlement because of family being in a place of privilege, instead of their own merits, at least

And these aspects should be up for serious discussion. However, the PLP blog has decided to continue with their tunnel vision approach. That means, yup, racism. With a nice side order of calling the UBP out.

And as someone pointed out in one of the discussion forums, when senior PLP politicians are using the N-word on the radio or other forums.

Politics should really be the last aspect of this galling situation to be discussed, but it's probably asking to much to expect more mature responses.

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