Could the One-Way in Bermuda be just a suggestion, too?

This was funny, although of course it could have led to some really bad things.

I'm parked at Bank of Bermuda this morning on the obviously one-way lane that circles the building, known as Point Pleasant Road (well the road name isn't really well known, to be honest, but I digress).

I then see this car coming along the road from Albouys Point. The wrong direction! Which means that despite the obvious visuals of cars on either side of the lane facing him, he still either was oblivious or simply determined to cut through.

He's met by a nice big truck that's just turned into the road.

The fella, clearly startled by this sudden development, considers asking him to back up, then looks behind him and I think he's shaken up. I feel bad for him. He has a young passenger in front so maybe that's the cause of it. He eventually backs up and perhaps realizes the correct way he should have taken to exit the area at this time.

I'm being very cruel here because I think this guy didn't deliberately break the law like so many other fools on the roads, but I'm still gonna BookTM him and his grey Atos 35712 for general lack of awareness and alertness on the roads.

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